Release Your Worries and Stress to The Universe

Hi everyone!

Are you feeling worried, or stressed?

Are you feeling like you can’t truly talk with anyone about it?

Suppressing your worries and thinking positive thoughts instead, can work for a while.

After some time you will see your stress showing up in your body.

Some common signs of stress are:

  • Difficulty to relax
  • Tense shoulders, neck and jaws
  • Headache
  • Feeling less happy than usual
  • Need of control
  • Difficulty to sleep
  • Upset stomach
  • More tired and exhausted
  • Wanting to be alone
  • Trouble remembering things
  • Change in appetite and weight
  • Loss of hair
  • Frequent flu and colds

So what, everyone is stressed!

You might hear yourself saying what you heard as a child:
“Life is hard for everyone. Bite your tongue and go on.”

It doesn’t have to be like that

Suppressing your stress, and not acknowledging your worries,
is like punishing yourself.

We often learn it early in life,
that we shouldn’t talk so much about our problem.
The grown ups are tired, or don’t have the time to sit down with us.

So, we keep it for ourselves.

But truly:

You are imprinting a belief in yourself,
that you are not worthy of being heard.

This is a quick way to low self esteem, and not feeling good enough.

It is also a steady road to getting sick.
Your body will create what it needs for you to listen.

Or, one day everything will just feel like it is too much,
and you can’t take it anymore.
You get a breakdown.

Let me tell you one thing.

You Are Worthy.

You Are Worthy of speaking about how you feel.

You Are Worthy to say that enough is enough.

Okay, maybe you don’t have anyone to talk with…

But, the Universe is always there for you.

What you can do

Find a piece of paper and a pen,
and write everything down.

Imagine that you are writing to a good friend,
one that you can be open with about everything.

Imagine that this is a friend that you never meet in person.

For some reason it feels easier to open up to a stranger,
someone who don’t know your past, and won’t judge you.
And best of all, you won’t get to see later, and regret that you ever told them anything.


You can start by writing:
“Dear Universe,
I write you because you are the only one I feel I can be truly honest with.
And you never judges me. Thank you for this.
I feel so worried and stressed about…….”

Get it all out.

Cry if you feel like.

Feel all of your emotions as you write.
This is a great way to get in touch with what you have stored inside of you.

Don’t worry for anyone to accidentally find your letter,
and throw it back at you.

When you are done,
find a lighter or matches,
and a safe place to burn your letter.

As you burn your letter,
let go of every worry you wrote down.

You are releasing it to the Universe.

Know that you have been heard.

You are not alone anymore.

Maybe you feel like being by yourself for a little bit.
Or, go to sleep, watch tv, go for a walk.

Whatever it is, just do it.
You have released your burden now.

Feel that you relax a bit.


Be open to new thoughts coming to you.

The Universe works in mysterious ways.

It can bring your message to you through a book suddenly being brought to you.

You might suddenly get an insight for a solution for your problem.

Or, you hear just what you need on the tv, or read it on the internet.


Maybe you speak with a friend, and something they say just give you what you needed,
right at this moment.

Or someone suddenly talks about a doctor they have heard of, or seen themselves.
And this is just the doctor you need to see,
but didn’t know where to find a good one.

If you feel a bit of relief, or lightness, in your Being, Mind or Body,
this is what is the right thing for you.

Then do something with your new insight.

You Are Worthy of Being Happy and Healthy.


I hope this can help you.


How to Clear Out Your Energy Body

How much of the energy you are carrying around,
is actually your own?

Take a moment and feel how you are.

Do you feel:

overflowing with uplifting energy?

Or, do you feel:


Too many of us fall into the last category,
where we don’t feel so good with ourselves, or our lives.

Is there a logical connection to your life, for feeling in this way?

Or, do you feel it without understanding why you are feeling like this?

And do you dread to speak with certain people,
or go to crowded places?

If this is you, hang on.

We are Energy Beings

Every day we interact with other people.
On sosical media, speaking on the phone, in the streets, at work, with our family.

What we don’t think about,
is that we also interact energetically.

We pick up on other peoples emotions and health state.

And we are sharing how we are too.

All of this happens subconsciously.

You might have noticed that when you speak with some people,
you feel inspired and uplifted.

While speaking with other people,
you leave feeling drained, anxious, sad, needing to rest.

The person you are interacting with might leave feeling the opposite of how you feel.
They might feel uplifted and good, while you want to bury yourself in your bed.

Please don’t blame the other person for how you feel.

They didn’t do it consciously.

And, you have most likely done the same to others at some point in your life.

What is important,
is to learn how to clear out and strengthen your own energy body,
so you won’t get so easly affected, and affect others.

This is not being selfish.

This is important self care,
and love for yourself, and others.


How to clear out the energy that doesn’t belong to you

It’s very easy and simple.

And it works.
I promise!

Try to relax if you can.
Do some deep breathing, or a few minutes of meditation.

Even when you are busy, and in the middle of something,
you can still do it.
All you need is a few seconds.

What is important, is that you mean the words you say.
Get some strenght in them.

You can say them out loud, or inside your head.

Here is the magic phrase:

“Any energy that is not of my own,
please leave my energy field now.”

That’s it!

Try it out for yourself.

In the beginning you might need to do this several times before you feel a change.
Don’t lose hope.

Very soon – right away or in a few minutes – you will feel a shift in your energy.

You might feel:
more relaxed
pain leaving your body
your mood is changing for the better
anxiety and worry going away

You might even be surprised of how much of what you thought was your own stuff,
actually have been picked up from others!

How to take back your energy from other people

Now that you have seen for yourself how other people affect you,
remember that you might do the same to them.

It’s time for you to take back your energy that you have left for other to pick up.

If possible, try to relax.

The more you relax before you do this, the more effective it might be.

Again, you must mean what you say.

Now say:

“Any energies that are mine, and with other people, please come back to me now. I filter you through Divine Light, so only my own energies can enter into me.”

Relax, and let your energies come back into you.

You might feel a need to stretch, yawn, sleep, or cry.
It is completely natural.

Don’t worry for bringing back stuff you don’t want.

You are simply integrating them in yourself,
and you will feel more complete and whole in your body and Spirit.

Strengthen your Energy Body

If you have not read my post Strengthen Your Health in 5-7 Minutes Daily
I can’t recommend it enough.

It will help you balance your Energy Body and health in just a few minutes daily.

The last 2 exercises will help you seal up your energies,
so you won’t so easily pick up energies, thoughts and illnesses from others.

Add the Celtic Weave in the end of your practice.

It will do Miracles!


Please share this post with everybody you know!

Easiest Way to Fully Let Go of Negative Emotions and Memory Imprints

We all have had moments in our Life that left us feeling down.
Or more correctly:
angry, frustrated, hurt, sad, hopeless.

We pick ourselves up, and go on.
Trying to forget about it.

Some times, these experiences have a bigger impact on us.
We feel wounded.
You might not even be aware of how strongly it affected you.

When we don’t clear up these experiences,
they get stored in our bodies and aura.
Leaving an imprint of low vibrational energy.

These imprints affect your thoughts, behavior, decisions, and how you react to your Life.

No one like to feel bad, not even your memories.

They can even create an illness for you to see them.
When you treat the core source of your illness, which might be buried emotions, your illness will lessen.

Here is an important piece of information:
Even thought you have done everything to cure your illness, and it is gone, you can still have pain in your body.

Because, the emotional imprint that was part of causing the illness, have not been healed.
If this is the case for you, you are just to learn how you heal this aspect of yourself, right now.

It’s like cooking in the kitchen.
When we are done, we take away the equipment and foods.
But, if we don’t clean up also, with time our kitchen will accumulate more and more grease and dirt.
In the end, the kitchen will be dirty, and we don’t enjoy cooking and baking as much anymore, always stumbling upon old stuff.

This realization might feel overwhelming.

You might think:
I don’t know how to clean up my vibration!
I don’t know how to figure it out.
Everything was easier when I didn’t know about this.


The Solution

All you need is a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed.
And, 5-60 minutes.

Sit, or lie down.
Feel comfortable.

Place one hand across your forehead, with the palm facing towards the skin.
Place the other hand with the palm facing towards your head,
behind the bottom part of your head, just above where it meets the neck.

Now, think of something that is bothering you.
Either recently, or an old memory.

Just play it as a movie inside your head,
or tell it as a story and how this memory made you feel.
Bring forward the details you can remember.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions that comes up.

If your memory includes other people,
tell them what you wished you could have said back then, but you didn’t do.
How angry and hurt they made you feel.
Or, how you wished you had acted differently, and you regret what you did.
This is your time to change this.
Only you know what you are doing now, and no one else will be aware of this.

You are safe.

If you don’t know what to think of,
just start having a conversation with yourself inside your head.
Say that you don’t know what you need to work on, and you trust that your body will bring forward what you need to dissolve at this moment.
Go with what comes up.
It might seem insignificant, but trust in your body’s wisdom.

Hold your hands like this for at least 3 minutes,
or as long as it takes for you to feel relief.

With some memories or worries, you might need to repeat this process several times, for it to fully let go.

You might feel more memories come up, that you need to work on.
If you feel like, you can do it now, or come back at it at some other time when you are ready to continue.

That’s it.

You did great!
Be proud of yourself.

It might seem too simple, but it works!

This process also works great to dissolve fear, and when you feel overwhelmed.


My best wishes for you to feel better


Strengthen Your Health in 5-7 Minutes Daily

Hello everyone!

I want to share with you a simple and powerful way to clear your energies, and strengthening your health, in just a few minutes daily.

As more and more of us get to realize, everything is made up by energy and frequencies.
If you are new to this thought, you can check out my post Everything is Energy – Prologue.

We are constantly effected by our modern daily life,
from the houses we live in
how we work
modern technology
and what we eat.

Our bodies energy system has not adjusted to this modern world.

As a result, more and more people suffer from bad health and illnesses.

Our energies are not in balance.

How do you know that your energy are out of alignment?
You are not feeling awesome!

You hold the power to change your health

Our bodies are more Amazing than we give them credit for.

Every day they are doing their very best to keep us healthy.

Now, it’s time for us to give our bodies a helping hand,
to restore it’s natural energy flow.

All you need, is a chair or a bed to sit on.

In the following YouTube video I will share with you,
you will learn how to:

  • Feel more energized and balanced
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Think more clearly, and untangle inner emotions
  • Improve your learning capacity
  • Calming your nervous system
  • Release tension and stress
  • Protect yourself from other peoples energies
  • Balancing and strengthening all of your energy systems

All of this, and more, in just a few minutes!

Sounds too good to be true?
Try it out, and see how you feel after a few weeks!

I highly recommend to practice this every day.

Here is the link:
Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION]


A quick summary of the Daily Energy Routine:

  1. The Four Thumps
  2. The Crossover Shoulder Pull
  3. The Cross Crawl
  4. The Wayne Cook Posture
  5. The Crown Pull
  6. Connecting Heaven and Earth
  7. The Zip Up
  8. The Hook Up

Extra: Strengthening Your Aura

I like to end my Daily Energy Routine by Celtic Weaving my Aura.

There are many similar ways of doing this, from all over the world.
I will share with you how Donna Eden teaches it in her book Energy Medicine.

This can also be done at any time of the day where you need some extra protection around yourself.

This specific weaving also connects all of your energy systems.

How to Celtic Weave your Aura (time – about 1 minute):

  1. Ground yourself by standing for a few moments with your open hands placed on your thighs, fingers spread. Energy will travel down your legs. Tune into it.
  2. Rub your hands together. This will generate energy between them. The weave will work whether you feel the energy or not, but you will be exercising your ability to feel energy by focusing attention on the energy being generated.
  3. Lift your hands beside your ears and about 6 inches (15 cm) away from them. Hold them there for about 10 seconds.
  4. As you breathe in deeply, bring your elbows together in front of you.
    (From here you will be crossing your arms three times in the following instructions:)
  5. Exhale, crossing your forearms and hands in front of your face, continuing the movement until you are freely swinging your arms down and all the way out to the sides.
  6. Inhale, allowing your arms to swing naturally in front of you and to cross each other.
  7. Exhale, swinging your arms out again, bending at the waist.
  8. Inhale, and cross your arms down near your ankles.
  9. Exhale and swing your arms out, staying bent over.
  10. Swing your arms behind your body, turn your hands towards the front, and with your knees slightly bent, scoop the energy up and over your head and down the front, sides, and back of your body.

Here is a YouTube video on how to do the Celtic Weave.


I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!

Have a wonderful day


When you feel like you are standing still…

Hello everyone!

How are you?


I recently heard someone say that when you feel you’re standing still on the outside, a lot is going on on the inside.

This last month has been like this for me.

Needing a lot of rest, and taking it easy.

In some way, it has been a weird month.

Things felt like they were standing still.

At the same time, I know there has been a lot of work on the Spiritual Level.

I would wake up, feeling like I had been to the gym, while I was sleeping.

Sensations of energy moving in my body.
Like a river flowing up and down my legs, spine, arms, head.

I felt like I “wasn’t able to wake up” throughout the day.

Pain and soreness in my body.
It helped to rub these areas, or massage them gently, to make the energy move.

In short, I felt exhausted.
For no obvious reason.

Thankfully, I have learned to listen to my Soul, and give it what it needs.

A lot of rest.
Taking it easy.
And give myself the time I needed to go through this.

Magically, the Universe helped clearing up my everyday life, so I could get the peace I needed.
Thank you Universe!

What if you can’t take the time off?

I know that not everyone has the opportunity to slow down in their life.

But if you feel that you are going through a time like I did, I strongly recommend to give yourself some more space.

Let your Soul know that you listen.

You can take some of the time you spend browsing the internet,
and spend it in the bathtub, or taking a foot bath.

Get someone to massage you.
Or do it yourself.

Relax in nature.

It doesn’t have to be hours every day.
30 minutes is more than nothing.
Even 5 minutes, is more than none.

You are so much worth it!
I promise you.

If you ignore your Soul’s messages, and keep going on high speed,
eventually you might create an illness, so you have no choice but take your time to rest.

Just think of all those times you kept pushing hard days, and when you finally got vacation leave, you ended in bed with the flu.
Or something else happened, forcing you to sit still.

It will pass

I know it can feel hard while it’s going on,
but the more you honor your Soul by giving it what it needs,
the easier it will become.
And probably pass by in less time.

Take good care of yourself.

This Journey we are on, is for our Lifetime.

Make it the best it can be.

Honor yourself and your Soul ♥


Bless you


“What would someone who Loves Themselves do?”

Today I want to share a tip,
which I picked up many years ago.

How often do you let your mind answer,
when you are wondering what to do, or chose?

In a world where we are taught that information is power,
it’s natural to let our memory bank come up with the answer.

We let the knowledge we have acquired, determine our choices.

It can be whether we should take that job or not.
Our friends tells us no, but all the information you read online says the opposite.

Or, as simple as choosing between orange and apple juice.

Next time you are to make a choice, or you’re wondering what to do,
I want you to try something new.

Ask yourself:
“What would someone who Loves Themselves do?”

Allow yourself to trust the answer you get.

It can come as a feeling, picture, voice, or just knowing.

The trick is that you now allow your Soul to answer.

You might think that you should drink that apple juice,
but your body actually need the orange juice more.

Only your Soul knows what’s the best choice for You.

Try it out and see how it feels!


Have a wonderful day!

The Importance of Loving Yourself

One of the most Valuable things you can do in your Lifetime,
is to start Loving Yourself.

When you Love Yourself,
you can love others.

When you Love Yourself,
you can Heal.

Still, for some people, it’s one of the hardest things to do.

We grow up, with the impression that loving ourselves, is selfish.
We learn that we must put other’s need before ours.
We learn that we must adapt into frames put up by society,
in order to be a part of a family, and our community.
We learn to become what is expected from us.

Disconnected from our Source Energy.

Allowing fear to enter into our reality.
Along with judgement.
Feelings of not being good enough.

We ended up experiencing this world as hostile place.

What we see in the news every day, is a world in fear.

Our Souls are trying to wake us up, and make us realize what is going on.

Our Souls know what we need to do.
But many of us have become so much disconnected,
that we won’t trust in our own guidance.

We have lost our Knowing of Who We Truly Are.
Beings of Love.

What we can do

The single most effective thing we can do,
in order to help our World turn into a better place,
is to Heal Ourselves.

Everything starts from within us.

And we can’t truly heal, before we start Loving Ourselves.

For some people, this might be challenging.
Like all changes are.
But rest assured, it’s not as hard as you may think it is.

And as you will soon see,
it’s so much Worth it.

When you start loving yourself,
you will start to feel and experience:

More at Peace
More Connected
More Loved
More Loving
Feeling good with yourself
More trust in yourself
Your health is improving
Having more understanding
Having more compassion
Easier to forgive yourself and others
More good things happen to you
Life goes more easy and smoothly
Hope and Faith are restored in Humanity, the World.

There is a saying:
You can only experience true love from others, when you love yourself.
You can only give true love to others, when you love yourself.

When we chose Love,
We recognize the Divine Being in all of us.

Think of how wonderful this World can be,
when we chose to live from Love,
instead of fear.

We are all in this together.

How to Love Yourself

♦ Be willing to change.

♦ Look yourself in the mirror, and say to yourself:
«I accept myself for who I am, right now.»
«I am good enough, just as I am.»
«I love myself.»
«I am a loving Being.»
«I am worthy of receiving, and giving, Love.»

♦ Allow yourself to see your fears, and heal them.
You can read my post How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions for easy guidance on how you can heal what might come up.

♦ Forgive yourself, and others.
By holding feelings of regret, anger, fear, worry, shame, guilt, or grief,
you are blocking your own Life Energy from coming into You.
It’s like cutting of the Oxygen when you are breathing.
You can read my post on Forgiveness here:
Forgiveness – Set yourself Free.

♦ Stop criticizing yourself, and others.
You are good enough.
Just as you are.
The same applies for everyone else.

♦ Do something nice for yourself, every day.
It can be anything you like.
Enjoying your morning coffee in silence.
Taking a hot bath.
Make a nice dinner with your family or friends.
And, enjoy it!
See my post: What Fills you Up?

♦ Remember, You are not your problems.

♦ You are more valuable than you think.
What talents do you have, that you might not see for yourself?
Usually, when we are surrounded by people who are substantially different from us,
we tend to forget about our strong points.
Check out Your Treasure Box.

♦ What are you Grateful for today?
Think of what you like about yourself.
Have you thought about how beautiful your smile is,
or how much better your daily life is with it?
Or, just be grateful to yourself for being willing to love yourself, one day at a time.
By being Grateful, we open up for Source Energy to enter us.

♦ Give yourself some time in Meditation to Release Tension and Self Healing.
Think of it as your own Spa time.
It’s completely free, and you don’t have to go anywhere.


You are Worthy
of taking care of yourself,
and Loving Yourself.

If anyone gets upset with your choice to start Loving Yourself more,
tell yourself that this is okay.

Whoever gets upset, are reminded of their own fears and feelings of not Being Enough.

They are feeling they might be sacrificing themselves, for others, or the family.

At times we have to put up with things in Life that we don’t like.

Don’t judge them for how they feel or behave towards you.

Be willing to see the situation from their perspective too.

Forgive them.
And forgive yourself.

By starting Loving Yourself,
you can show those around you, that you are
“One more step closer to Heal the World.”


Love and Light




Meditation to Release Tension and Self Healing

This specific meditation is very good for relaxing your body and mind, and release tension in your body.
It can also help you to release stubborn thoughts and memories that the body are holding on to.

I came up with this meditation many years ago, when I was very sick, and I was unable to relax my body.
I had just started to learn about meditation, and I wanted to try it out, hoping to relax, even just a little bit.
When I started, I was guided by my Spirit to do what I am now sharing with you.
In 10 minutes, I went from feeling my body was running on a adrenaline wheal, to the most relaxed I have ever been.
I was Amazed!

The length of the meditation varies, from a few minutes to 1 hour.
It depends on what your body needs at the moment.

If you fall asleep, don’t worry about it.
You are actually relaxing so much that you let go of tension, and get some needed rest.



Meditation Guide

◊ Make sure you won’t be disturbed for some time.
Put your phone on silent.

◊ Lie on a bed, or how you prefer to relax.
Lie on your back, with your legs and arms straight.
Keep your arms on each side of the body, in a relaxed position.

◊ Start by grounding and balancing your Energy in the Universe and the Earth:
Close your eyes and visualize that your energy goes up and out your head.
Connect to the Universal Light above you.
Take this with you, down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet.
Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up through your roots, into your feet, and up your body, until the top of your head.

◊ Breathe in deeply, and exhale slowly.
Continue to do this throughout the meditation.

◊ Visualize your body as an empty shell, without the bones and organs.
Imagine that you are a horizontal line that floats above your head.
Let this line flow down into the top of your head, and light up the area around it.

◊ If you see some tension, dark spots, or shapes, inside of you, let yourself flow to these areas and acknowledge them by feeling them, or just say hello.
Here you can ask if they have any message for you to know.
Listen to the answer that comes forward.
Thank the energy spot for the information.

◊ Imagine the tension/spots/shapes as a balloon, with a string in your hand.
Let go of the string, and see it flow up in the air.
Or, if it won’t let go, imagine it as a knot, and undo it.
If it is a tangle of strings, undo them.
When you have finished, the energy will let go, and you will feel a relief in this area.

◊ Continue to let your horizontal line flow down to your face, neck, shoulders, chest, all the way down to the soles of your feet.
Repeat the above step when you come across tensions.

◊ Scan your body again, and see if anything have come back.
Repeat the releasing of the tension/spots/shapes.

◊ When you have released all the tension, you will see the inside of your body as an empty room.

◊ Now you will fill up your body with Divine Healing Light.
Imagine a ball of bright white light on the top of your head.
See this Light coming into the top of your head, and fill you up.
When you are done with your head, the light will flow down til your arms, chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet.
Feel how it Re-Energizes your Body and Mind.
If you feel flows of fresh air, warmth or chillness in parts of your body, tingling, it is all normal.
This is the Healing Energy flowing inside of you.
Relax and enjoy the experience you are feeling.

◊  When you have filled yourself up with this Light, see the ball of Light that now have moved through your body, flow out of your feet, leaving your body full of Healing Light.

◊ Relax for as long as you feel like, before you slowly move your fingers and toes, and get back into your body.
Open your eyes.

◊ Continue to lie for a few minutes, just feeling your body.
This is to give yourself time to reorganize your energy and come back into your body.
By skipping this step, you might feel shaky, and easier get caught up in the energies around you.

◊ Put a protection around your Aura, as you want to keep this Healing inside of you to work for as long as it is needed.
Visualize that you are surrounded by an Energy Egg, with thick walls that acknowledge all kind of energy, and only allow uplifting and loving energy to enter in to you.
Or say: “I am surrounded by an Energy Egg that only allows light and positive energies to enter.”
Inside the Egg, you can also visualize that it is filled with Divine Energy, Healing Light, Universal Love, and all that is good for you.

◊ Enjoy this relaxed state of Being, and be kind to yourself.

◊ Have a wonderful day!