Forgiveness #2

Hello everyone!

I want to share my latest experiences on Forgiveness.

If you are new to my blog, you can read more about Forgiveness in my previous post,
here: Forgiveness – Set yourself Free.

Up to now, I have used the method I have described in my previous blog post, with huge success.

About a week ago, while I was meditating, I got up to practice Forgiveness again.
This time in a different setting.

I placed whoever came to my mind, in a beautiful nature setting.
Here, my intuition guided me as to where I was to place each person, but you are free to chose whatever you feel like.
It can be by the sea, in a forest, in a beautiful garden, or in a mountain setting.

Next, I surrounded each person with a bubble of Universal Love and Light.

Then, I saw myself there too, in front of the person I had in my mind.
I placed a bubble of Universal Love and Light around myself.

With a feeling of Love and Peace, I looked at the person and said:
“I forgive you for the past, the present, and the future.
I release you.
I set you free.
I forgive myself for the past, the present, and the future.
I release myself.
I set myself free.”

In front of my eyes, I saw each of them transform into an animal, bird or fish.
It was like they became free from something holding them in place.
Then they run off, jumped into a lake that appeared, or flew off.
Filled with newfound Freedom and Joy.

The same happened for myself, each and every time.
For me, I became different kinds of animals throughout my practice.

Their transformation into animals was their manifestation of change.
For you, it might be something else, or nothing at all.

It felt so good, that I did this with everybody I could think of.

Some of the times, I did it while meditating, other times not.
I would just stop what I was doing, close my eyes for a moment, and practice Forgiveness.

When I tried to place back some people I had already set free,
they wouldn’t show up.
Instead, I got visions of them, where they were enjoying Life!

You may wonder why I did this again, when I had already done it before.

The reason is that we may have deeper bonds attached to a person,
than we got up the first time.
And, of course, new stuff might have come up.

Forgiveness does set us Free!


Have a wonderful day!

“What would someone who Loves Themselves do?”

Today I want to share a tip,
which I picked up many years ago.

How often do you let your mind answer,
when you are wondering what to do, or chose?

In a world where we are taught that information is power,
it’s natural to let our memory bank come up with the answer.

We let the knowledge we have acquired, determine our choices.

It can be whether we should take that job or not.
Our friends tells us no, but all the information you read online says the opposite.

Or, as simple as choosing between orange and apple juice.

Next time you are to make a choice, or you’re wondering what to do,
I want you to try something new.

Ask yourself:
“What would someone who Loves Themselves do?”

Allow yourself to trust the answer you get.

It can come as a feeling, picture, voice, or just knowing.

The trick is that you now allow your Soul to answer.

You might think that you should drink that apple juice,
but your body actually need the orange juice more.

Only your Soul knows what’s the best choice for You.

Try it out and see how it feels!


Have a wonderful day!

The Importance of Loving Yourself

One of the most Valuable things you can do in your Lifetime,
is to start Loving Yourself.

When you Love Yourself,
you can love others.

When you Love Yourself,
you can Heal.

Still, for some people, it’s one of the hardest things to do.

We grow up, with the impression that loving ourselves, is selfish.
We learn that we must put other’s need before ours.
We learn that we must adapt into frames put up by society,
in order to be a part of a family, and our community.
We learn to become what is expected from us.

Disconnected from our Source Energy.

Allowing fear to enter into our reality.
Along with judgement.
Feelings of not being good enough.

We ended up experiencing this world as hostile place.

What we see in the news every day, is a world in fear.

Our Souls are trying to wake us up, and make us realize what is going on.

Our Souls know what we need to do.
But many of us have become so much disconnected,
that we won’t trust in our own guidance.

We have lost our Knowing of Who We Truly Are.
Beings of Love.

What we can do

The single most effective thing we can do,
in order to help our World turn into a better place,
is to Heal Ourselves.

Everything starts from within us.

And we can’t truly heal, before we start Loving Ourselves.

For some people, this might be challenging.
Like all changes are.
But rest assured, it’s not as hard as you may think it is.

And as you will soon see,
it’s so much Worth it.

When you start loving yourself,
you will start to feel and experience:

More at Peace
More Connected
More Loved
More Loving
Feeling good with yourself
More trust in yourself
Your health is improving
Having more understanding
Having more compassion
Easier to forgive yourself and others
More good things happen to you
Life goes more easy and smoothly
Hope and Faith are restored in Humanity, the World.

There is a saying:
You can only experience true love from others, when you love yourself.
You can only give true love to others, when you love yourself.

When we chose Love,
We recognize the Divine Being in all of us.

Think of how wonderful this World can be,
when we chose to live from Love,
instead of fear.

We are all in this together.

How to Love Yourself

♦ Be willing to change.

♦ Look yourself in the mirror, and say to yourself:
«I accept myself for who I am, right now.»
«I am good enough, just as I am.»
«I love myself.»
«I am a loving Being.»
«I am worthy of receiving, and giving, Love.»

♦ Allow yourself to see your fears, and heal them.
You can read my post How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions for easy guidance on how you can heal what might come up.

♦ Forgive yourself, and others.
By holding feelings of regret, anger, fear, worry, shame, guilt, or grief,
you are blocking your own Life Energy from coming into You.
It’s like cutting of the Oxygen when you are breathing.
You can read my post on Forgiveness here:
Forgiveness – Set yourself Free.

♦ Stop criticizing yourself, and others.
You are good enough.
Just as you are.
The same applies for everyone else.

♦ Do something nice for yourself, every day.
It can be anything you like.
Enjoying your morning coffee in silence.
Taking a hot bath.
Make a nice dinner with your family or friends.
And, enjoy it!
See my post: What Fills you Up?

♦ Remember, You are not your problems.

♦ You are more valuable than you think.
What talents do you have, that you might not see for yourself?
Usually, when we are surrounded by people who are substantially different from us,
we tend to forget about our strong points.
Check out Your Treasure Box.

♦ What are you Grateful for today?
Think of what you like about yourself.
Have you thought about how beautiful your smile is,
or how much better your daily life is with it?
Or, just be grateful to yourself for being willing to love yourself, one day at a time.
By being Grateful, we open up for Source Energy to enter us.

♦ Give yourself some time in Meditation to Release Tension and Self Healing.
Think of it as your own Spa time.
It’s completely free, and you don’t have to go anywhere.


You are Worthy
of taking care of yourself,
and Loving Yourself.

If anyone gets upset with your choice to start Loving Yourself more,
tell yourself that this is okay.

Whoever gets upset, are reminded of their own fears and feelings of not Being Enough.

They are feeling they might be sacrificing themselves, for others, or the family.

At times we have to put up with things in Life that we don’t like.

Don’t judge them for how they feel or behave towards you.

Be willing to see the situation from their perspective too.

Forgive them.
And forgive yourself.

By starting Loving Yourself,
you can show those around you, that you are
“One more step closer to Heal the World.”


Love and Light




What’s there for you to Learn?

All things that happen in our lives – good or bad – carry an opportunity for us to learn from the experience.

I know how it feels like when everything feels like a struggle, or there seems to be no way out of a problem.

It’s easy to fall into the ditch of self pity, and feel like a victim of Life.
Calling your friends for sympathy, having them agreeing with your view on the situation.
After all, you did the best you could do!
It’s not your fault that the economy is going down, and the politicians make everything even worse than it was.

Just keep an open mind for a bit…

When we decide to open up our thoughts for the possibility that there is a bigger picture at play, something shifts in us.

You get a glimpse of Hope.

Ask yourself:
“What can I learn from this situation?”


If it’s an illness or pain in your body, ask that part of your body if it has a message for you.
Maybe you need to change something in your diet, exercise more, or just have more fun in your life!

If your parents have a hard time to show you compassion and support, maybe they are missing it themselves.
Talk with them.
You might discover that when they were young, their parents told them that they must be realistic and get a real job, not follow a fantasy.
Now, you give both yourself and them an opportunity to heal.
And maybe getting a better relationship too.

If your company closes down because of the economy, you might realize that you never even liked your job that much, in the first place.
Now you are free to apply for an another one, without feeling guilty for choosing something new.
Or go back to school to learn something new!
Even start your own business, and follow a long-lost dream.

Or, as in a story I read today.
A young woman working as paramedics in an ambulance.
In her work, she saw children being afraid of following the ambulance.
It can be a traumatic experience for every adult, to rush off to the hospital, when you are sick or have been in an accident.
Fear of the unknown makes everything worse.
So she came up with the idea of entertaining the children, to make their ride a little less scary.
She started by making balloon animals using plastic gloves.
After new year, just a few weeks ago, she created a Facebook page, and asked people to knit small teddy bears, that they could give to the children in the ambulance.
Now, the response is so good, that they might have enough tiny teddy bears for all of the ambulances in the country.
A small gift that gives support, hope and comfort in a traumatic time.
Her idea and initiative, changes the lives of many children in her community.
Thanks to this wonderful woman, and all those loving Souls donating knitted teddy bears.


Every adversity is an opportunity for you to grow as a Human and Spirit.

Every problem is a potential Treasure.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your Personal Life, or in your Community.

Use it to improve your Life, and the World.

Be ready to understand yourself and others more.

Be ready to follow your new insight.

Meditation to Release Tension and Self Healing

This specific meditation is very good for relaxing your body and mind, and release tension in your body.
It can also help you to release stubborn thoughts and memories that the body are holding on to.

I came up with this meditation many years ago, when I was very sick, and I was unable to relax my body.
I had just started to learn about meditation, and I wanted to try it out, hoping to relax, even just a little bit.
When I started, I was guided by my Spirit to do what I am now sharing with you.
In 10 minutes, I went from feeling my body was running on a adrenaline wheal, to the most relaxed I have ever been.
I was Amazed!

The length of the meditation varies, from a few minutes to 1 hour.
It depends on what your body needs at the moment.

If you fall asleep, don’t worry about it.
You are actually relaxing so much that you let go of tension, and get some needed rest.



Meditation Guide

◊ Make sure you won’t be disturbed for some time.
Put your phone on silent.

◊ Lie on a bed, or how you prefer to relax.
Lie on your back, with your legs and arms straight.
Keep your arms on each side of the body, in a relaxed position.

◊ Start by grounding and balancing your Energy in the Universe and the Earth:
Close your eyes and visualize that your energy goes up and out your head.
Connect to the Universal Light above you.
Take this with you, down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet.
Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up through your roots, into your feet, and up your body, until the top of your head.

◊ Breathe in deeply, and exhale slowly.
Continue to do this throughout the meditation.

◊ Visualize your body as an empty shell, without the bones and organs.
Imagine that you are a horizontal line that floats above your head.
Let this line flow down into the top of your head, and light up the area around it.

◊ If you see some tension, dark spots, or shapes, inside of you, let yourself flow to these areas and acknowledge them by feeling them, or just say hello.
Here you can ask if they have any message for you to know.
Listen to the answer that comes forward.
Thank the energy spot for the information.

◊ Imagine the tension/spots/shapes as a balloon, with a string in your hand.
Let go of the string, and see it flow up in the air.
Or, if it won’t let go, imagine it as a knot, and undo it.
If it is a tangle of strings, undo them.
When you have finished, the energy will let go, and you will feel a relief in this area.

◊ Continue to let your horizontal line flow down to your face, neck, shoulders, chest, all the way down to the soles of your feet.
Repeat the above step when you come across tensions.

◊ Scan your body again, and see if anything have come back.
Repeat the releasing of the tension/spots/shapes.

◊ When you have released all the tension, you will see the inside of your body as an empty room.

◊ Now you will fill up your body with Divine Healing Light.
Imagine a ball of bright white light on the top of your head.
See this Light coming into the top of your head, and fill you up.
When you are done with your head, the light will flow down til your arms, chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet.
Feel how it Re-Energizes your Body and Mind.
If you feel flows of fresh air, warmth or chillness in parts of your body, tingling, it is all normal.
This is the Healing Energy flowing inside of you.
Relax and enjoy the experience you are feeling.

◊  When you have filled yourself up with this Light, see the ball of Light that now have moved through your body, flow out of your feet, leaving your body full of Healing Light.

◊ Relax for as long as you feel like, before you slowly move your fingers and toes, and get back into your body.
Open your eyes.

◊ Continue to lie for a few minutes, just feeling your body.
This is to give yourself time to reorganize your energy and come back into your body.
By skipping this step, you might feel shaky, and easier get caught up in the energies around you.

◊ Put a protection around your Aura, as you want to keep this Healing inside of you to work for as long as it is needed.
Visualize that you are surrounded by an Energy Egg, with thick walls that acknowledge all kind of energy, and only allow uplifting and loving energy to enter in to you.
Or say: “I am surrounded by an Energy Egg that only allows light and positive energies to enter.”
Inside the Egg, you can also visualize that it is filled with Divine Energy, Healing Light, Universal Love, and all that is good for you.

◊ Enjoy this relaxed state of Being, and be kind to yourself.

◊ Have a wonderful day!

You are not your problems

Most of us have something in our lives that worries us.
Either big or small issue, it seems impossible to clear it away completely.
No matter what you do, the thoughts comes sneaking in every now and then, saying hello, letting you know they are still there.

Now that December is here, and Christmas is coming close, so many are feeling the pressure of everything that is to be done for the Holidays and New Year’s celebration.
Wherever you turn, you get reminded of all you should do – buy nice clothes, buy gifts, longer working hours, bake cookies, get all the food you need, and the list goes on.
As it is a time for joy and happiness, it’s also a time of stress.
And surpressed feelings surfaces.
Lack of money, and not feeling you are good enough, that can’t give what you feel is expected from you.
Not to forget all those who feel extra much on their loneliness in this days.

When a problem get your attention, it’s easy for more of the same to come in and join the party.
What starts with reminders of buying gifts, can easily slip into thoughts of not having enough money, then thinking of that you really need a new laptop and how to afford it, who to buy gifts for, who are really your friends anyway, everybody else seem so happy, and you feel more alone than ever.

You are not your problems.

Look at the strangers around you.
What do you see?
Most likely you notice those who seems happy, smiling, having friends, spending their money….
What you feel you are missing in your life.
How can you know that their life is perfect?
You don’t.
You can only see this moment.
Their life might be falling apart, but you can’t see it.
Their problems are not who they are.
The same goes for you.

Focus on this moment, right here and now.
On what you are doing.
Life is so much more than worries.
When we get hung up on a problem, it’s like we get blind shades on, and our vision narrows down to what is wrong our lives.
Gently remind yourself of this moment, and you will break the cycle, one step at a time.

When we are able to see the bigger picture, what we felt was a big problem, might not be that big in perspective, as we let ourself see and feel.
Then, your worries lose some of their power on you.
And you open up for a solution to come, because you have a bigger perspective, and can see beyond the blinding shades.

Problems that shows up in our lives, are lessons for us to learn.
Ask yourself, what can I learn from this experience?
The answer might not come right away.
Maybe do you need to give it time, a night of sleep, or meditate on it.
When we focus too hard on finding answers, we are blocking them from coming clearly to us.
Distract yourself, and it will come to you when you least expect it.
It might also come through other people, telling you something, or you read an article or a book, and when you read a word or some lines, it just hits you, you know the answer.

Once you have learned the lesson on Soul Level, it might not come up again, unless it is a part of a bigger picture you can not see yet.
But, you can clear up one lesson at a time, and for each one you will get better in total.
Like one piece in a puzzle find it’s correct place in the picture.
Thank the problem for showing up, so you got a chance to clear up in your Life Lessons.
For each lesson you learn, you will shine a bit brighter, and feel a bit better.

One thing I have learned is;
Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You are a wonderful Soul,
And nothing can take that away from You.

Meditation Made Easy

We are living a big part of our lives in an always-on-mode.
Always doing something.
Even when we are relaxing.

How much of your day do you spend in just Being?

All of our thoughts, emotions, experiences, stress, are all a form of Energy.
Energy never ends, only changes form.

So, what happens to all of our stimulation through our days?
It is swirling inside and around us, in our minds, bodies and Aura.
If we don’t take time to re-center ourselves, in ourselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
For a shorter period of time, this might make us feel alive, running our system on adrenaline.
In the longer run, it might make us feel exhausted, having problems with sleep, anxiety, headaches, and illnesses shows up.
This is our body’s way to signal to us that we need to take a break.

Thankfully, our bodies have several natural ways to re-center, without us having to do anything.
Spending time in nature, walking bare foot on grass, taking a bath or a shower, sleeping.

The only catch is, that if we never stop up, and just Be, it’s harder for our bodies to find their own balance, in the mix of our daily lives.
When our minds are always on, our system has to sort everything in those few hours we are sleeping.
That can be a lot to process.

This is where meditation comes in

There are many forms of meditation; guided, sound, mantra, visual, focused, feeling, and more.
Each with their own benefits.

In this blog post, I want to focus on just Being, and letting go of thoughts.

This is something we all do from time to time.
When we are taking a shower and feel the water running over our bodies, and everything else stops.
Looking at a sunset, and getting lost in it’s Beauty.
Walking in the nature, when we forget our thoughts, and just take in the Majesty.

The benefits of choosing to spend some time every day on meditation, are many.
Feeling more relaxed and calm, increased clarity, your senses become clearer, getting more in touch with your intuition, and less caught up in stress when something happens in your life.
These are just a very few of a very long list.
Try it out for yourselves, and see how it improves your life!

And, it doesn’t have to take hours, 5 minutes here and there do a difference too.
With some time, you might find yourself longing for those 15-30 minutes in silence.

For taking the preferred time of your meditation, there are many apps out there, that are more gentle than the alarm on your phone.
Personally I have found one that is very simple, and is asking for no permissions on my Android phone.
You can download the APK here: Medigong Meditation Timer, Webpage.
Or in Google Play here: Medigong – Meditation Timer.
Of course, you are free to find what works best for You.

How to meditate

◊ Find a quiet place for yourself, where you won’t be disturbed.
Set your timer, if you prefer to have a specific time, and it will notify you when your meditation is up.

◊ Sit with your back straight, or lie down with your hands by the side of your body.
Keep your palms open and facing up.

◊ Start by grounding and balancing your Energy in the Universe and the Earth:
Close your eyes and visualize that your energy goes up and out your head.
Connect to the Universal Light above you.
Take this with you, down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet.
Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up through your roots, into your feet, and up your body, until the top of your head.

◊ Put your intention for what you want from the meditation, by saying inside you:
“It is my intention to re-balance my Energy in my Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul in this meditation.”
This is not needed, but I find it beneficial.

◊ Breathe in deeply, and exhale slowly.
Continue to do this throughout your meditation.

◊ Let go of your thoughts.
When a thought comes up, observe the thought and let it pass.
You can imagine yourself standing in front of a railway line, and your thoughts are trains passing by.
You are not running to jump on board, just simply standing where you are.
Or, you can imagine your thoughts like balloons in your hand, and for every thought coming up, you visualize it as a balloon attached to a string you are holding in your hand.
Let go of the string, and see the balloon flying up in the sky.

◊ It’s important to acknowledge all thoughts that come up, and not push them away.
By pushing them away, you resist them, and thereby giving them more strength.
With time, thoughts will become less, and you will find more stillness in your mind.
You are doing everything right, be proud of yourself.

◊ Continue for as long as you feel like, or until your timer give you the signal that you have finished.
Move your arms and legs, and open your eyes.

◊ Now, give yourself 2-3 minutes in silence, before you get back on your phone, interacting with others, and doing stuff in general.
This is to give yourself time to reorganize your energy and come back into your body.
By skipping this step, you might feel shaky, and easier get caught up in the energies around you.
When we meditate, we are opening up our energies to the Universe, and we need to get them back into our space, and let the Energetic Shield around us close up.
There is nothing you need to do here, just relax for a few minutes.
You can also stamp your feet on the ground or floor, and drink some water.

What you might experience

When we start to meditate, we let go of the holding-onto-everything, and let our minds and bodies come back to their natural state of Being.

Thoughts hold Energy, and suppressed thoughts and feelings are stored in our physical bodies.
For an example, every time you hold yourself back from saying your honest opinion, this creates an energy of blockage, and this get stored in your body.
We all do it, without knowing it.
When we are getting freed from the control of our thoughts, we give our bodies a chance to let go of what they are holding on to.
In the beginning, your every day thoughts will flow through.
With some practice, deeper stored feelings might surface.
Just let them go, as you do with your thoughts.
If you feel you need to work more on them, you can read my blog post
How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions.

This release of thoughts, is a releasing of resistance and stress in our system, and can make us feel sleepy, tired, having some kind of headache, restlessness, tingling, pain in our bodies, a sense of air flowing inside of us, needing some time for yourself afterwards, and more.
All of this is absolutely normal, and a sign that your meditation is actually working!
Don’t worry, the above effects are not lasting for too long.

After some time of meditating, you will feel calm, centered, uplifted, more creative, more in sync with everything, having clearer insight on a problem that might arise, you are more present in the moment, you will feel more calm where you would earlier be overly stressed, and your immune system will improve.

If you find that you forget to meditate, or don’t have time, it is perfectly fine.
Just come back the next day.
Or use 2 minutes when you wake up in the morning, or before you fall asleep.
This is nothing to be hard on yourself for, but something to make you feel better.

I hope you will enjoy your time in meditation.


Protecting Your Aura

Being a sensitive person can be experienced as a gift, and a curse.

On the bright side, it can enrich our lives beyond what we can observe with our 5 senses.
On the less bright side, it can some times drain our energy, whatever we do.
That is, if you don’t know how to protect your energy.

It might be hard to know if your energy is getting drained, because we have adjusted to the idea of feeling tired, feeling sick, worried, etc.

Whether you are picking up on other people’s emotions and energies, or you are receiving negative thoughts from others (thoughts are energies), it’s important to protect your energy.

You are not helping yourself or anybody else, by taking on other’s low vibrations.
Those people will still be the same, and you will be lowered too, likely not being able to help them feeling better.

When you stay strong in your energy body, you can see the situation more clearly, and give better advice on how to solve the problem in your friend’s life.
You will also be able to make them feel better, as high vibrational energy nullifies lower frequencies.

How do you know that your Energy is being drained/affected?

If you are a very sensitive person towards energies around you, and in other people’s emotional state, it’s easy to get into some kind of specific reaction, to help you feel better, (grounded / back in your body).
Most likely, this reaction is happening so often, that you are not even thinking about it anymore.

Say you are at work, and a coworker or a customer leaves you feeling unbalanced, without being able to put words onto how.
So you grab something to eat, or a cigarette, to make you feel some better.
Or you long to get home and make something extra good for dinner, which will make you feel more relaxed after eating.
Maybe you get a sudden crave for chocolate or ice cream, or a pastry.
You might not just being addicted to sugar or nicotine, as you have been thinking…
The reason you are reaching out for food or sweets, is that by eating, you ground yourself.
The fat is comforting, as breast milk is for a new born baby.
Deep down you remember this connection, it’s that simple.

Other ways you can notice you are getting affected by other people’s energies:
* You feel tired after meeting someone, or talking on the phone
* Tired/exhausted/sleepy for no reason
* Suddenly feeling unhappy or sad
* Becoming negative
* Worries that are unusual to you
* Headache that won’t go away with painkillers
* Sudden pains in different parts of your body
* Becoming angry for no apparent reason
* Becoming angry at the person you spoke with, or someone, for no reason
* Starting a fight over nothing
* Negative thoughts about somebody else
* Sudden worries about problems in somebody else’s life
* Feeling anxious
* Feeling sick

An easy way to see if what you are feeling is coming from you, or somebody else, is to take a shower.
If you feel better while you are under the running water, then you have been picking up on other peoples energies.
Of course, if you are actually having a fever, the chances are that you are sick, and the symptoms are coming from there.
I’m only talking about symptoms that are coming from Energies, not real illness.

The Human Energy Field

Every living being has an energy field around them, know as Aura.
The Aura is a reflection of how we feel, our thoughts, strong worries or joyfulness, our spiritual state, and our health.

Our energy field stretches normally 1.2-1.5 meters away from our physical body, and can diminish and extend depending our emotional state and health.
A healthy and happy person have a larger Aura, while someone who is sick or depressed, or dealing with addictions, will have a diminished and weakened Aura.
Health issues will show up in your Aura, before it becomes an illness in your body.

When we are interacting with other people, we are also interacting with their energy field.
This is how you might know that something is wrong, before those people even speak to you.

When we think about somebody, our thoughts are sent into their energy field.
If they are not protecting themselves, or they are sick, they are more easily affected by your thoughts.
This is useful if we are praying for somebody, sending them healing, and are wishing them good.
If we are thinking negatively about someone, our thoughts will affect and lower their energy Aura, making them more easily worried, sad, depressed, anxious, sick, etc.
The stronger the emotional level we are having while we are thinking about someone, the stronger the impact on them will be.

How to protect your Energy

Around your Aura, there is an Energy Shield, that keeps your Aura in balance.

The strength of this energy shield depends on your mood, life power, and your sense of security.
Regular physical exercise helps, as it makes the oxygen flow in your body stronger, and your energy is moving.
Just do something you like, as it also uplifts you and makes you healthier.

If you are working as a nurse, with children or the elderly, you will be more sensitive to other’s energies, while a police man will have developed a stronger energy shield because of his/her job.

The effect of protection and clearing of your energy field, depends on the strength of your intention, belief of it to work, and your vibrational state.
By practicing it regularly, it will become easier to see/feel immediate effect or results.

Here is some simple, and easy, ways to protect your energy field:

◊ When you wake up in the morning, breathe deeply several times.
If you have time, I recommend a short meditation, which balance you before you interact with the world around you.

◊ Grounding your energy several times a day.
You can stamp your feet on the ground, taking deep breaths, or spending time in nature.
Or, visualize that your energy goes up and out your head. Connect to the Universal Light above you. Take this with you down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet. Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up your roots, into your feet, and up your body until the top of your head.
You have now grounded and balanced yourself in the Universe and the Earth.

◊ Surround yourself with the Blue Flame of The Great Protector.
This flame creates a shield around you, and only allows positive energies to come in to your Aura.
Either visualize the flame around your energy field, or say “I surround myself with the Blue Flame of The Great Protector, right now”.
This is recommended to do before you go to sleep, and when you wake up.
Or whenever you feel you need protection.

◊ Ask the Creator of All That Is to surround you with Divine White Light.

◊ Visualize that you are surrounded by an Energy Egg, with thick walls that acknowledge all kind of energy, and only allow uplifting and loving energy to enter in to you.
Or say: “I am surrounded by an Energy Egg that only allows light and positive energies to enter.”
Inside the Egg, you can also visualize that it is filled with Divine Energy, Healing Light, Universal Love, and all that is good for you.

◊  If you are a person who finds it hard to say No to others, it will benefit you greatly to start doing it, when something is not right for you.
Learn to say No.
This strengthens your energy in yourself, and you respect yourself more.
You do not need to explain yourself, as it weakens your energy, in the sense that you have to prove something to others.
Remember that others might be a bit upset in the beginning, as they are not used to you saying No.
But, eventually they will respect you more, because you respect yourself.

◊ You can also use crystals or essential oils.
Crystals need to be cleansed and re-energized regularly.
I recommend to talk with a specialist on crystals, where they are selling them, to find the one best fitting you.
The same goes for essential oils, as there is a wide variety in purity, and usage areas.

◊ Regularly clear and balance your Chakras.
(I will come back with a separate post on this subject.)

How to clear your Energy if you are already affected

If you notice that you are already being affected by other’s energies, you can try some of the following:

◊ Breathing deeply several times, brings you back into your body.
Feel how the air fills up your lungs, and makes your stomach expand.
If you are used to breathe deeply while meditating, this can have a great impact on you, centering back into your self in seconds.

◊ The Violet Flame of The Great Protector.
Visualize a violet flame around you, or burning through your body, from head to heels.
Or say “I burn The Violet Flame around and through me to clear away all kinds of low vibrational energy.”
This will clear away low vibrational energy in any form.

◊ Say: “I clear away all energy I have picked up from others, and is not of my own.”
Say it with some power in your words, and strong intention.
It works.

◊ Sea Salt baths or foot baths.
Sea salt has a cleansing effect on our energy field.
Just think of how refreshing it is on your thoughts walking by the sea, or go swimming.
Make a nice bath with pure sea salt in the water, or a bowl with warm water and some sea salt in it.
Sit or lie for as long as you feel like.
Flush out the water after use.
If you prefer, you can mix some sea salt with your shower soap, and get a body scrub at the same time!

◊ Call on The Great Protector or the Creator of All That Is, and ask them to cut all energy cords from and to you, and clear the energy cords as they return.
And ask them to seal your energy field.


I hope you found this post interesting, and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My best wishes for you to stay centered in your own energy.