Remember to Take Some Time Off

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the year again,
when the summer is getting behind us.

At least here in Europe.

Charged up from the summer season,
we are getting motivated for what is next.

Maybe are you one of them that are starting a new year at school or the University?

Or you are looking for a new job?

You want to take your work to new levels

Get back at your working out routines

Get better at what you are interested in

Or learn something new


It doesn’t matter what it is,
but I know how easy it is to get caught up in what you do.

Suddenly hours have passed.

Or, you find yourself thinking:
“I just need to finish this part before I take a break.
And this.
And this”.

Pushing yourself too hard.

Putting your social life on hold.

We want to do our best.

I totally get it.


Please, let me give you a piece of advice.

And treasure it.

No matter how stressed out you are,
and how much you have to do,
Remember to Take Some Time Off.


When you are overly tired,
you won’t be able to take in new information.

You won’t be able to remember much of what you are reading.

You are just pushing your limits.

Adding unnecessary burden on your already stressed out body and mind.

For some time, you might even find yourself thriving working like this.

But after some time, you will get really exhausted.


Please, remember to take a break.

5 minutes of deep breathing

Go for a walk

Sleep some

Hang out with your friends and have fun

Take care of yourself

Listen to music

Lie on the bed with your legs up the wall


Get a massage


It might sound contradicting, but trust me with what I am saying.

A small break is worth it.

You will see things with a different perspective.

You will remember better what you have read.

You will have  a clearer mind.

You will feel more at peace,
and therefore needing less time for what you need to do.

Being happy is the easiest way to learn and remember new stuff.


What will happen if you don’t take care of yourself

In the beginning those around you will probably notice it before you do it yourself.

You look tired
Not as happy as you used to be
More irritable mood
Less positive attitude
You have less energy
Everything seems harder
Frequent headaches
More easily sick

This is your body warning you to calm down and take a break.

This is not the time to pop pain killers and keep going.

If you keep pushing yourself further,
you will burn yourself out.

One day you will not be able to get out of bed.

Or you will have a breakdown,
at your school, work, in public, at home.

Your body will scream to get your attention.

If this doesn’t work,
your body will make you stop.

You might end up in an accident, or get sick.

When this happens, you can’t go to work.
You can’t finish your classes.
And you will end up with less money.

Will that be worth it?


Your boss will not thank you for destroying yourself for your work.
He will replace you if you can not come back any time soon.

If you get that university degree, but you are to sick to use it, then what?

People even end up loosing their partner, or their house, in the long run.


You are worth more than that. 

The world need you healthy.

Remember to take a break,
no matter how busy you are.


How to Feel Your Own Energy Body

Everything is made up by energy.
Including your body. And mine.

Have you ever felt your own energy body?

Have you ever touched your own energy?

I’m pretty sure that you have, but you never thought of it.
Back then, you wasn’t aware that you were made up by energy.

How to do it

It’s super simple.

First, I want you to shake your hands for a few seconds,
like you want to shake of a spider web.
This is to clear up the energy in your arms.

Rub your palms against each other, use some strength.
Do this for 5-10 seconds.
You will feel your hands are getting warm.

Then, with your palms facing each other,
slowly pull them apart.

Can you feel there seem to be some kind of force between them?
Like a magnetic field?

This is your energy body!

Now, play around some, still with your palms facing each other.

See how far you can pull them apart, without losing the force.
Then push them closer again.
Can you feel a difference in the power between your hands?

Imagine that this energy is an energy ball.
Stretch it in different directions and shapes.
Move it up to your head, or down to your feet, if you want to.
Have fun with it.

That’s it!

Play around on someone else

If you want to, you can try to feel the energy of a friend or a family member.

Do as before,
shaking off your hands, and then rubbing them together.

Place your palms facing towards their body, just a few centimeters above their skin or clothing.
Move your palms upwards and downwards, and move them around.

Can you feel it?
Can your friend or family member feel it?

Logically, you are just moving your hands.
Nothing special.

Pretty fascinating!

How to Stay Centered in Times of Turbulence

This time we are living in, is more intense than ever before.
There are so much going on, both on the inside and around us.
Everything is happening at a much quicker pace than it used to be.
What, just a few years ago would take months, now only takes days or a week.

I see this so clearly when I’m talking with my friends.
When it’s been some time since last time we caught up, it becomes obvious.
My friends ask me about something that was going on in my life back then.
And I… It feels like ages ago.
Almost a different life.
How did they even remember that?
I can barely remember what happened yesterday, as it feels like I’m spinning too quickly.

It’s also hard to plan ahead, for things I want to do or learn.
By the time I get to it (after finishing what I’m currently doing), I have shifted into new desires.
Or, I just get started and I’m very excited, and 2 weeks later I want/need something else.

And it’s not only in my life, or inside of me.

We are constantly bombarded with information.
From news media, Facebook, Instagram, TV, radio, movies, TV series, walking down the street.
And we kind of feel it’s expected from us, to be up-to-date on everything, at any given time.

Not just that we are constantly bombarded with information, but also the amount of variety in the stuff coming up.
I guess that, no matter where on the Globe you live, you’ve heard about the American President Election that took place last year.
Just that 1 thing, a never-ending thriller of intensity and variety on accusations, drama, speculations, secrets, you name it.
It’s like they had to stuff it with everything possible.

Maybe you are going through your own life changes too.
Feeling you need to change your job, but don’t know what to do next.
Or, you need to move to a new location, but there seems to be something about everywhere you consider.
Changes in friendships, relationships, and family.
Illness, either for yourself, your family or friends.
Economy burdens.

You are not alone.
Most people have more and more things coming up.
It seems like everybody has enough going on in their own lives.

It can feel overwhelming.

This overload of everything that is happening at once, leads to anxiety, stress, sleep problems, constantly body aches, illnesses.

If only there were something like a filter, so we could sort out what we want to take in, and experience…

What you can do

Breathe deep into your stomach, and exhale slowly.
Repeat until you feel more relaxed.
I have noticed that when I breathe deeply and slowly through my meditations, I can calm myself by just breathing deeply a few times, when I get a rush of overwhelming feelings.

◊ Ground and balance your Energy with the Universe and the Earth.
Close your eyes and visualize that your energy goes up and out your head.
Connect to the Universal Light above you.
Take this with you, down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet.
Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up through your roots, into your feet, and up your body, until the top of your head.

Read/listen to news only when you feel calm and centered.
Now, you can get a more objective view on it, without getting caught up emotionally.
Most of the news are negative, and spinning on fear.
You do not help anyone by entering a state of fear, hopelessness or depression.

Take a vacation leave from news, even social media.
It can be for 1 day to 1 month. It’s up to you.
Tell your friends and family that you are on a break, and they can tell you if something very important is to be known about.

Take time for yourself regularly.
You have more to give to your family, friends, work, and everyone around you when you take care of your Soul, and what you need to feel better.
See my post What Fills you Up?.

◊ Spend time in Nature.
Nature has a calming effect on us, and helps us to think more clearly.
It doesn’t need to be in the forest or on a mountain top.
Being in a park is also good for us.
Even being surrounded by some flowers and plants in our home.

◊ Meditate.
Meditation helps us to slow down our heart rhythm, and has a calming effect on us.
With some practice, it makes us able to think clearer, have better insight in ourselves, getting more in touch with our intuition, make better decisions, and much much more.
There are many forms of meditation, from breathing, to focus on a single point, to guided meditations to make you feel better, or discover parts of yourself.
If you are new to meditation, you can read my post Meditation Made Easy and Meditation to Release Tension and Self Healing.

◊ Release your fears and negative emotions.
I can’t stress enough, how important this is.
Suppressed emotions get stored in our bodies, and eventually can create illnesses, that we have to heal on our own.
They also work as an magnet that attracts challenges in our life, so we eventually will see them.
We are in a time where we don’t have the “luxury” to close our eyes and say that life is “hard”.
Read my post How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions to easily understand how you can free yourself.

The best way to move stagnant energy in our body, is to move our body.
It can be walking for 15 minutes, running or bicycling, or dancing.
Do what gives you joy, and do it several times a week.
Yoga and qigong are also good ways to move your energy and body in gentle ways.

◊ Being in the Moment.
ALL we have is THIS moment.
If we live our lives in the future or the past,
there will -eventually- come one day, that we’ll regret not living our lives, or treasured those around us.

◊ Be kind with yourself.
We have a tendency to be hard on ourselves, and don’t think we are good enough.
This is not true.
We are Wonderful just as We Are.
Treat yourself like you treat your best friends.
Tell yourself how proud you are of what you have done.
You are so much better than you let yourself think!

◊ Be Positive.
The good thing with time spinning quicker, is that whatever is going on, won’t stay like this for too long.
Change will come.
Use the time to figure out what you want, and why you want it, so you are ready when the time for new opportunities are there.

I hope you found this helpful.

I’m wishing you all the best in your Life.
And, take good care of Yourself.

Meditation Made Easy

We are living a big part of our lives in an always-on-mode.
Always doing something.
Even when we are relaxing.

How much of your day do you spend in just Being?

All of our thoughts, emotions, experiences, stress, are all a form of Energy.
Energy never ends, only changes form.

So, what happens to all of our stimulation through our days?
It is swirling inside and around us, in our minds, bodies and Aura.
If we don’t take time to re-center ourselves, in ourselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
For a shorter period of time, this might make us feel alive, running our system on adrenaline.
In the longer run, it might make us feel exhausted, having problems with sleep, anxiety, headaches, and illnesses shows up.
This is our body’s way to signal to us that we need to take a break.

Thankfully, our bodies have several natural ways to re-center, without us having to do anything.
Spending time in nature, walking bare foot on grass, taking a bath or a shower, sleeping.

The only catch is, that if we never stop up, and just Be, it’s harder for our bodies to find their own balance, in the mix of our daily lives.
When our minds are always on, our system has to sort everything in those few hours we are sleeping.
That can be a lot to process.

This is where meditation comes in

There are many forms of meditation; guided, sound, mantra, visual, focused, feeling, and more.
Each with their own benefits.

In this blog post, I want to focus on just Being, and letting go of thoughts.

This is something we all do from time to time.
When we are taking a shower and feel the water running over our bodies, and everything else stops.
Looking at a sunset, and getting lost in it’s Beauty.
Walking in the nature, when we forget our thoughts, and just take in the Majesty.

The benefits of choosing to spend some time every day on meditation, are many.
Feeling more relaxed and calm, increased clarity, your senses become clearer, getting more in touch with your intuition, and less caught up in stress when something happens in your life.
These are just a very few of a very long list.
Try it out for yourselves, and see how it improves your life!

And, it doesn’t have to take hours, 5 minutes here and there do a difference too.
With some time, you might find yourself longing for those 15-30 minutes in silence.

For taking the preferred time of your meditation, there are many apps out there, that are more gentle than the alarm on your phone.
Personally I have found one that is very simple, and is asking for no permissions on my Android phone.
You can download the APK here: Medigong Meditation Timer, Webpage.
Or in Google Play here: Medigong – Meditation Timer.
Of course, you are free to find what works best for You.

How to meditate

◊ Find a quiet place for yourself, where you won’t be disturbed.
Set your timer, if you prefer to have a specific time, and it will notify you when your meditation is up.

◊ Sit with your back straight, or lie down with your hands by the side of your body.
Keep your palms open and facing up.

◊ Start by grounding and balancing your Energy in the Universe and the Earth:
Close your eyes and visualize that your energy goes up and out your head.
Connect to the Universal Light above you.
Take this with you, down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet.
Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up through your roots, into your feet, and up your body, until the top of your head.

◊ Put your intention for what you want from the meditation, by saying inside you:
“It is my intention to re-balance my Energy in my Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul in this meditation.”
This is not needed, but I find it beneficial.

◊ Breathe in deeply, and exhale slowly.
Continue to do this throughout your meditation.

◊ Let go of your thoughts.
When a thought comes up, observe the thought and let it pass.
You can imagine yourself standing in front of a railway line, and your thoughts are trains passing by.
You are not running to jump on board, just simply standing where you are.
Or, you can imagine your thoughts like balloons in your hand, and for every thought coming up, you visualize it as a balloon attached to a string you are holding in your hand.
Let go of the string, and see the balloon flying up in the sky.

◊ It’s important to acknowledge all thoughts that come up, and not push them away.
By pushing them away, you resist them, and thereby giving them more strength.
With time, thoughts will become less, and you will find more stillness in your mind.
You are doing everything right, be proud of yourself.

◊ Continue for as long as you feel like, or until your timer give you the signal that you have finished.
Move your arms and legs, and open your eyes.

◊ Now, give yourself 2-3 minutes in silence, before you get back on your phone, interacting with others, and doing stuff in general.
This is to give yourself time to reorganize your energy and come back into your body.
By skipping this step, you might feel shaky, and easier get caught up in the energies around you.
When we meditate, we are opening up our energies to the Universe, and we need to get them back into our space, and let the Energetic Shield around us close up.
There is nothing you need to do here, just relax for a few minutes.
You can also stamp your feet on the ground or floor, and drink some water.

What you might experience

When we start to meditate, we let go of the holding-onto-everything, and let our minds and bodies come back to their natural state of Being.

Thoughts hold Energy, and suppressed thoughts and feelings are stored in our physical bodies.
For an example, every time you hold yourself back from saying your honest opinion, this creates an energy of blockage, and this get stored in your body.
We all do it, without knowing it.
When we are getting freed from the control of our thoughts, we give our bodies a chance to let go of what they are holding on to.
In the beginning, your every day thoughts will flow through.
With some practice, deeper stored feelings might surface.
Just let them go, as you do with your thoughts.
If you feel you need to work more on them, you can read my blog post
How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions.

This release of thoughts, is a releasing of resistance and stress in our system, and can make us feel sleepy, tired, having some kind of headache, restlessness, tingling, pain in our bodies, a sense of air flowing inside of us, needing some time for yourself afterwards, and more.
All of this is absolutely normal, and a sign that your meditation is actually working!
Don’t worry, the above effects are not lasting for too long.

After some time of meditating, you will feel calm, centered, uplifted, more creative, more in sync with everything, having clearer insight on a problem that might arise, you are more present in the moment, you will feel more calm where you would earlier be overly stressed, and your immune system will improve.

If you find that you forget to meditate, or don’t have time, it is perfectly fine.
Just come back the next day.
Or use 2 minutes when you wake up in the morning, or before you fall asleep.
This is nothing to be hard on yourself for, but something to make you feel better.

I hope you will enjoy your time in meditation.


Everything is Energy – Prologue

Everything that exists, is Energy.
Even Matter, which is the lowest form of energy.

Our physical bodies are made up by trillions of living cells, which together create what you see in the mirror, known as You.

Around our bodies, we have an energy field, called Aura.
This Aura comprises of several layers of energy, and normally goes about 1.2-1.5 meters away from our body, in all directions.
It can expand and diminish according to our thoughts, feelings, health and vibration level.
This can explain why we might feel uncomfortable getting physically close to an other person we meet.
Our Aura can be vibrating at a different level, and therefore be mismatching, which we pick up as feeling uncomfortable.
It also explains the feeling we call “Personal Zone”.

Modern quantum physics show us that energy and matter are interchangeable, and they are interacting constantly with each other.

At first, the thought that everything is some sort of vibrating energy, can seem a bit out there.
Just have an open mind, and think about it for a while…

For example, the ocean tides caused by gravity, being affected by the Moon and the Sun.

Or, how water can change form from ice, to running water, to steam or snow?

Also, planet Earth have it’s own energy field, and your energy field (Aura) interacts with it.
You might have experienced how you feel better at certain places, while other are not fitting you, but not been able to understand why.

Have you ever thought about someone, and next thing you know, they are calling you for the first time in months?

Have you met someone, or they called you, and you could know something was up before they spoke to you?

In all of the above circumstances, including many similar ones, there is a “hidden” factor taking place, and this is Energy.
It is because of Energy interactions, that a lot of things happening to us, we can not comprehend or explain.
Looking through a broader view, knowing the Powers of Energies, will eventually lead us to a wider Perspective.

When we get to understand how everything works, we can step up and learn to use it for making our lives better.
Pieces will start falling into place, as you uncover new Knowledge and unravel new not-so-mysteries, about how things work.

This is the start of an amazing journey in your life here on planet Earth.