My Sacred Time

Hi everyone!

Every day, I honor my Soul and Body, by doing something good for myself.

One part of my Daily Care, is my foot bath.

I sit in my favorite arm chair, relaxing,
with my feet in a bowl with warm water and sea salt.

Letting the water and salt cleanse my aura and body.
Letting go of energies that I no longer need to carry with me.

I can feel how the salt water is working inside my body.
Streams of energy moving, and blocked energy stirring lose.

Often, parts of my feet get cold, even though the water is warm.
This is a good thing, as I am clearing up, and rebalance my body.

When I feel like, I will combine this Sacred Time with a meditation.

Or, I read in a book that inspires me, and make me feel good.
With a cup of good tea.

If I have pain or soreness in my body,
I will massage them gently, while I’m relaxing with my foot bath.
The massage stimulates the stagnant energy to be freed,
and the salt water will help draw it out of my body.

This is My Time For Me.


I fill a bowl with enough warm water to cover my ankles, and add 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt.

The salt might take a few minutes to dissolve, depending on if you are using fine grated, or rough like me.

There is no need to buy expensive salt.
I use cheap sea salt ideal for cooking, and preserving food.

Normally, I’m sitting for about 30 minutes in my foot bath.
You will sense how long is right for you.
Simply, when you feel like lifting up your feet, you are done.

After you finish your foot bath,
it’s nice to gently massage your feet for a few minutes.
Pay attention to any sore spots, as these need some extra love and care.

If you feel that by using this foot bath, you get emotional, or symptoms flaring up in your body, know that this is normal.
It’s your body responding to the bath, and clearing up.

This is just as safe as swimming, or spending time by the sea.

Listen to your body, and do it as frequently as you feel that is right for you.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Have a wonderful day!


Forgiveness #2

Hello everyone!

I want to share my latest experiences on Forgiveness.

If you are new to my blog, you can read more about Forgiveness in my previous post,
here: Forgiveness – Set yourself Free.

Up to now, I have used the method I have described in my previous blog post, with huge success.

About a week ago, while I was meditating, I got up to practice Forgiveness again.
This time in a different setting.

I placed whoever came to my mind, in a beautiful nature setting.
Here, my intuition guided me as to where I was to place each person, but you are free to chose whatever you feel like.
It can be by the sea, in a forest, in a beautiful garden, or in a mountain setting.

Next, I surrounded each person with a bubble of Universal Love and Light.

Then, I saw myself there too, in front of the person I had in my mind.
I placed a bubble of Universal Love and Light around myself.

With a feeling of Love and Peace, I looked at the person and said:
“I forgive you for the past, the present, and the future.
I release you.
I set you free.
I forgive myself for the past, the present, and the future.
I release myself.
I set myself free.”

In front of my eyes, I saw each of them transform into an animal, bird or fish.
It was like they became free from something holding them in place.
Then they run off, jumped into a lake that appeared, or flew off.
Filled with newfound Freedom and Joy.

The same happened for myself, each and every time.
For me, I became different kinds of animals throughout my practice.

Their transformation into animals was their manifestation of change.
For you, it might be something else, or nothing at all.

It felt so good, that I did this with everybody I could think of.

Some of the times, I did it while meditating, other times not.
I would just stop what I was doing, close my eyes for a moment, and practice Forgiveness.

When I tried to place back some people I had already set free,
they wouldn’t show up.
Instead, I got visions of them, where they were enjoying Life!

You may wonder why I did this again, when I had already done it before.

The reason is that we may have deeper bonds attached to a person,
than we got up the first time.
And, of course, new stuff might have come up.

Forgiveness does set us Free!


Have a wonderful day!

Unclutter your Home

There is a saying that goes “When you own more than 7 items, the items own you”.

To be honest, we use maybe all of them just to get dressed in the morning.
But there is truth in those words.

The more stuff we own, the more space it takes up.
All of those things, lying around in drawers, or boxes in a storage room, do hold a part of your energy connected to them.
If it is stuff that make your life easier and better, it’s good.
Many of us, specially in the Western World, do have way more things than what we need, or benefit us.

It is a fact, we won’t understand how much stuff we have, before we are packing it all down for moving into a new home.
Even then, we put up what we want in our new home, the rest goes back into boxes and put away, to again be forgotten.
So what, we think, it might come handy one day.

I do understand that it isn’t that many years ago, since our parents or grandparents didn’t own much, and had to look after what they had.
This belief that we have to keep most of our stuff, and it’s hard to replace it, is still imprinted in us.
And it’s still valid for many of us.
But, this creates an energy of neediness, that there won’t be enough.
This imprint of lack, can block our energy flow in health, money, good luck, basically all areas of our life.

Many years ago, I started going through my stuff, to see what I actually wanted, and needed to keep.
The rest of it, I tried to give away to someone who needed it, sell it, give it to charity, or if it was broken, throw it away.

I would ask myself:
Is this something I have used the past year? Yes or No.
Is it something I will get to use in the coming 2 years? Yes or No.
Is this making my life easier and bringing me joy? Yes or No.
If I could answer Yes, I would keep it.
If the answer was No, it went in the pile of giving away or selling.

After doing this, I felt freed up on the inside of me.
Like having more energy, and being happier.
More Free in my Soul.

The same applies on to when you are cleaning your home.
You get rid of the dust and dirtiness, and your home looks and smell fresh again.

When we clear up our life and belongings, we open up for something new and better to come in.
When our home is clean, we are saying to the Universe that we respect what we have.
We all love respect, right?

If you are not sure about keeping or giving away some of your stuff, you can put it in a separate box, and storage it for a year. Then you can open it again, and see what you feel about it then. This way you are not regretting getting rid of something, but at the same time, not letting it clog your energy.

There is no right or wrong, in whether you like to have the same furniture and belongings for a lifetime, or you like change.
Do what feels right for you.

Personally, I have become more conscious on what I bring into my life.
I get what feels right for me, brings me joy, makes my life easier.
And, things I will actually use and treasure.
It doesn’t have to be brand new, either way it will be new for me.

Try it out for one room at a time, and see how you feel about it.


Have a wonderful day!


Live Every Moment

We tend to live our lives in the future or the past, planning what to do, how to fix that problem, regrets of what we did wrong.
Always accessible on our smart phones, always in instant reach.
No need to say more, you already know what I’m talking about.
It’s how we are trained.

Think about it…

How present are you in your relationships with those around you?
Are you sincerely in the moment with your friend, spouse, family members?
How often are you having a date with your spouse, or hanging out with your friends, without any of you reaching for your phones once?
Can you recall the feelings in your body, of your last kiss, or hug?


This moment,
Is All we Have.


We never know what happens next.

How do you want to remember your life, or someone important to you,
if they are no longer there?
Or you suddenly have to move, and can not see them often anymore…

We tend not to see how our lives can change, from one moment to the other.
You can walk to the kiosk on the corner, and never come back.
You can do everything right, and end up with 3 months to live.
Or, you have all your lifetime, just as it is.

In the end,
What matters more to you?

What fills up your Soul?


We can balance this.
Reaching for what we want, and being in the moment.
We need both.
To grow our souls, be moving.
Dreaming new dreams, and allow them to become.
Treasuring the moments, as it’s All there Is.


Try it out, and see how it enriches your life:

♦ Making the dinner time with your family sacred, putting away the phones.
Or the time you are hanging out with your friends.
Truly listen to what they are saying.

♦ Being on the beach, and synchronize your body to the frequencies of the waves of the sea.

♦ Or stop and look at the birds gliding in the sky, effortlessly and majestic.

♦ Smell the flowers, and let your body absorb the aroma.

♦ Getting a massage, feeling the touches of the hands on your back. How your skin is vibrating from pleasure.

♦ Feel the water running down your body the next time you shower.
Feeling how your body responds to the water, soaps, shampoo.


When we start treasuring the moments, we are saving the memories in our body cells.
We will be able to remember them fully.
Not just what someone said, but also where you were, the weather, hour of the day, smells, sounds, how it made you feel….
Like taping into a memory, and you are transported there instantly.
Pretty amazing!

Our bodies are benefiting too.
We will feel better, more alive, our mood improves, our health gets stronger.

You might get clearer insight into something troubling you, or find a better way to do your job.
When we let go of the Working Mind, we open up for our Soul’s Wisdom to enter.

Live your Life – Every Single Day


Have a wonderful weekend!

Creating Better Days

Hello everybody,

Today I want to share with you a tip, for making your days better.

When we wake up in the morning, our mind is in a relaxed state, coming straight from sleep.
The same goes for the minutes, before we fall asleep in the night.
This is a great time for spending a few minutes to lay out how we want our New day to become.

Or, you can use it, any time you feel you are needing an extra boost.

This method can improve all areas of your life, and create some Changes.
Try it out for a few days, and see for your self!

You can even do it for someone else.
Effectiveness depends on how good a receiver one might be, and how focused we are while doing this.

The Procedure:

♦ Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

♦ Imagine you are an energy body, stretching your energy up above your head, for about 1  meter. Here you are connecting to a cloud of Universal Energy.

♦ Bring this energy down and in through the top of your head, and let it go all the way down your body, and out through the soles of your feet.

♦ Here, imagine that your energy body is having roots like a tree, and let your energy go down these roots, until it reaches the center of the earth.

♦ Connect to this Energy Mainframe, and take this energy back up through your roots, up your body, to the top of your head.

♦ You have just grounded and balanced your self in the Universe and the Earth.

♦ Now, imagine a Ball of Light in your heart.
See how it opens up, like a rose blossoming.
Let the light in, filling:
all of your heart
your chest
your energy body
the room you are in
the building you are in
the area you are living in
your country
your continent
the planet earth
beyond the moon
beyond the galaxies
and connect to the White Light of All that Is.

♦ See yourself, and everything around you, as a pure white light.
There is no separation, you are one.

♦ Visualize a bubble in this white light.
Everything you put inside this bubble, will materialize in your day.
It might take some time to show up, just keep exercising it daily, and it will come.
If you are doing it for someone else, clarify that it is intended for them.

♦ Put into this bubble, all you want for your day.
Invite your angels and guides into this bubble, to guide you and help you in your day.
And for you to be open to receive their guidance.
Continue with adding ease and flow, feeling great, good communication, be filled with love, being connected with the universe through the day.

♦ If you are having something special coming up in your life, you can also put it into your bubble, and it will be working out as you want it to be.

♦ Add in qualities you want to strengthen about yourself.

♦ When you feel ready, bless your bubble with pure love and light, and place it in your heart.

♦ Let the bubble shine out from your heart, and surround you.

♦ Now, get ready to open your eyes. Move your fingers and toes…
Open your eyes and drink some water, stretch, or stamp your feet on the floor a few times…
This is grounding your energy in your physical body.

♦ Think of something you are grateful for.

♦ You have now finished the last step of this creative meditation.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Treasure Box

We all have a treasure box full of gifts, that we share with those around us.
And the world.
Even if we are not aware of it.

Many of us have been raised with the thinking that we shouldn’t stand out.
Not be better than the others.
Be like everybody else, and fit in.

You know what?
I like you way more when you are You!
Shining your light, and sharing your wonderful talents!

What do you love doing?
What does others compliment you for?
What do you want to do, but never dared to?
It can be anything…

Writing, playing music, sports, being a good listener, a handy worker, a natural leader…
And the list continues…

Honor your uniqueness, and shine your light on your Gifts.
You will inspire others to embrace theirs too.
Just have fun!

Have a wonderful day!

What are you Grateful for today?

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share something we often forget.
It’s easy to do, takes like no time, and it can make a smaller or bigger difference in how our days flow.

What are you Grateful for today? 

Just a few words.

So often we get hooked up on what we’re doing, what to do next, what to remember, running here and there, checking social media, chatting.
It’s easy to be on the roll.
It’s a habit, actually.

What are you Grateful for today?

It can be something big that happened, like:
Booking your next vacation leave, which you have been dreaming of
A big success at work
Or buying a new expensive coat for the winter
Maybe, finally you got to clear that storage room
You reached your goal at the gym. Yay!

Or, it can be something small…
A smile from a stranger
Something good you had for dinner
A message from a friend which made you happy
A hot shower in the morning
Some quiet time for yourself
Even the smell of fresh, warm coffee

It’s up to you.
There are no rules.

Feel how this makes you feel.
You smile, right?
Feel a little lighter?

Now, go on with your day, just like normal.

Here are 5 things I’m grateful for today:

* Weekend with my amazing Husband!
* How many of you that have discovered my blog, are following me.
Thank you!
* The beyond awesome sound on my phone while playing my favorite music right now
* My green fingernails. I never thought this specific color would make me so happy!
* Being surrounded by so many wonderful people in my life

Have a wonderful weekend!


What Fills you Up?

One of the nicest gifts we can give ourselves and those around us, is to make us feel good. When we are happy, we have more to give to our loved ones.
When you smile, you can change the whole day for someone you meet on the street.
When you feel good, you will lift up others.
This can be by holding the door for someone when you are entering a building, give a nice compliment, or offering to pay for the morning coffee for the person in front of you at the coffee house.

In a busy day, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.
Remember that when you feel better, your day flows more, and things feel more smooth and easier.
It doesn’t need to take much time or money.
Getting up a little bit earlier and having 10 minutes to enjoy your morning coffee can make your day better. Or just thinking of things you are grateful for in your life.

Write down a list of 10 things that make you happy, and add more to your list when you come up with something new.
Put it on your phone, calendar, on your wall, or inside your closet.
No one else needs to know about your list.
This is a gift for you, treasure it.
You might get inspired to start a new hobby, or get more out in the nature. You might pick up the phone and invite friends over for fresh baked bread in the evening.
Fill up your soul with what makes you feel good by getting inspired right now!

Here are some of the things on my list:
* Being around my amazing Husband
* A good hug from a loved one
* Reading a good book
* Hang out with good friends
* Sitting by the sea
* Walking in the nature
* Listening to music that lifts me up
* Road trips, and visiting nice places
* Give gifts or a home made card just because I feel like
* A smile from a stranger on the street, and smiling back
* Helping a stranger in the super market
* A cup of hot chocolate
* Meditation
* Make others feel good
* Watching the sunset or sunrise

I’m wishing you a wonderful day! 🙂