How to Clear Out Your Energy Body

How much of the energy you are carrying around,
is actually your own?

Take a moment and feel how you are.

Do you feel:

overflowing with uplifting energy?

Or, do you feel:


Too many of us fall into the last category,
where we don’t feel so good with ourselves, or our lives.

Is there a logical connection to your life, for feeling in this way?

Or, do you feel it without understanding why you are feeling like this?

And do you dread to speak with certain people,
or go to crowded places?

If this is you, hang on.

We are Energy Beings

Every day we interact with other people.
On sosical media, speaking on the phone, in the streets, at work, with our family.

What we don’t think about,
is that we also interact energetically.

We pick up on other peoples emotions and health state.

And we are sharing how we are too.

All of this happens subconsciously.

You might have noticed that when you speak with some people,
you feel inspired and uplifted.

While speaking with other people,
you leave feeling drained, anxious, sad, needing to rest.

The person you are interacting with might leave feeling the opposite of how you feel.
They might feel uplifted and good, while you want to bury yourself in your bed.

Please don’t blame the other person for how you feel.

They didn’t do it consciously.

And, you have most likely done the same to others at some point in your life.

What is important,
is to learn how to clear out and strengthen your own energy body,
so you won’t get so easly affected, and affect others.

This is not being selfish.

This is important self care,
and love for yourself, and others.


How to clear out the energy that doesn’t belong to you

It’s very easy and simple.

And it works.
I promise!

Try to relax if you can.
Do some deep breathing, or a few minutes of meditation.

Even when you are busy, and in the middle of something,
you can still do it.
All you need is a few seconds.

What is important, is that you mean the words you say.
Get some strenght in them.

You can say them out loud, or inside your head.

Here is the magic phrase:

“Any energy that is not of my own,
please leave my energy field now.”

That’s it!

Try it out for yourself.

In the beginning you might need to do this several times before you feel a change.
Don’t lose hope.

Very soon – right away or in a few minutes – you will feel a shift in your energy.

You might feel:
more relaxed
pain leaving your body
your mood is changing for the better
anxiety and worry going away

You might even be surprised of how much of what you thought was your own stuff,
actually have been picked up from others!

How to take back your energy from other people

Now that you have seen for yourself how other people affect you,
remember that you might do the same to them.

It’s time for you to take back your energy that you have left for other to pick up.

If possible, try to relax.

The more you relax before you do this, the more effective it might be.

Again, you must mean what you say.

Now say:

“Any energies that are mine, and with other people, please come back to me now. I filter you through Divine Light, so only my own energies can enter into me.”

Relax, and let your energies come back into you.

You might feel a need to stretch, yawn, sleep, or cry.
It is completely natural.

Don’t worry for bringing back stuff you don’t want.

You are simply integrating them in yourself,
and you will feel more complete and whole in your body and Spirit.

Strengthen your Energy Body

If you have not read my post Strengthen Your Health in 5-7 Minutes Daily
I can’t recommend it enough.

It will help you balance your Energy Body and health in just a few minutes daily.

The last 2 exercises will help you seal up your energies,
so you won’t so easily pick up energies, thoughts and illnesses from others.

Add the Celtic Weave in the end of your practice.

It will do Miracles!


Please share this post with everybody you know!


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