How to Get Ebooks for Less Than $2.99 or For FREE!

Hello everyone!

Some time ago I came across a webpage offering me daily offers on ebooks.

I love reading, so this is perfect for me!

If you like to read ebooks, or know anyone who does, keep reading!


I signed up with my email, chose what categories I’m interested in, and added a few authors I like, so they can base their recommendtations on my preference.

You can browse their categories on their webpage, or do as I do:

Every day I look forward for the clock to reach 4.50 PM,
when my email with my daily offers arrive in my inbox.

It’s like getting a gift – every day!

My daily offers are in the categories I have chosen,
or offers on authors I follow on their webpage.

Mainly, the offers are on fiction, but there are non-fiction too.

And, the best part:

The books are priced $0.99, $1.99, 2.99 OR for FREE!

Yes, you read it right!

A small paradise for booklovers!


The books can be bought through:
◊    Amazon (for Kindle, or Kindle app)
◊    Barnes & Noble Nook
◊    Apple iBooks
◊    Google Play
◊    Kobo

Here, I must note that not all the books are on offers on all platforms,
but I always find the offers on Amazon.
So, if you have a Kindle ereader, or their free app on your phone, you are good.

In your email,
just click on where you want to buy the book from,
and you get directed to their webpage.

Sign in to your account, and buy the book.
This goes also for the free ebook, which will be listed $0.00.

Download your new ebook in your app, or send it to your ereader.

Enjoy your new book!

Check it out here:
BookBub – Great Deals on Bestselling Ebooks

I hope you will find some great books to read too!



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