Easiest Way to Fully Let Go of Negative Emotions and Memory Imprints

We all have had moments in our Life that left us feeling down.
Or more correctly:
angry, frustrated, hurt, sad, hopeless.

We pick ourselves up, and go on.
Trying to forget about it.

Some times, these experiences have a bigger impact on us.
We feel wounded.
You might not even be aware of how strongly it affected you.

When we don’t clear up these experiences,
they get stored in our bodies and aura.
Leaving an imprint of low vibrational energy.

These imprints affect your thoughts, behavior, decisions, and how you react to your Life.

No one like to feel bad, not even your memories.

They can even create an illness for you to see them.
When you treat the core source of your illness, which might be buried emotions, your illness will lessen.

Here is an important piece of information:
Even thought you have done everything to cure your illness, and it is gone, you can still have pain in your body.

Because, the emotional imprint that was part of causing the illness, have not been healed.
If this is the case for you, you are just to learn how you heal this aspect of yourself, right now.

It’s like cooking in the kitchen.
When we are done, we take away the equipment and foods.
But, if we don’t clean up also, with time our kitchen will accumulate more and more grease and dirt.
In the end, the kitchen will be dirty, and we don’t enjoy cooking and baking as much anymore, always stumbling upon old stuff.

This realization might feel overwhelming.

You might think:
I don’t know how to clean up my vibration!
I don’t know how to figure it out.
Everything was easier when I didn’t know about this.


The Solution

All you need is a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed.
And, 5-60 minutes.

Sit, or lie down.
Feel comfortable.

Place one hand across your forehead, with the palm facing towards the skin.
Place the other hand with the palm facing towards your head,
behind the bottom part of your head, just above where it meets the neck.

Now, think of something that is bothering you.
Either recently, or an old memory.

Just play it as a movie inside your head,
or tell it as a story and how this memory made you feel.
Bring forward the details you can remember.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions that comes up.

If your memory includes other people,
tell them what you wished you could have said back then, but you didn’t do.
How angry and hurt they made you feel.
Or, how you wished you had acted differently, and you regret what you did.
This is your time to change this.
Only you know what you are doing now, and no one else will be aware of this.

You are safe.

If you don’t know what to think of,
just start having a conversation with yourself inside your head.
Say that you don’t know what you need to work on, and you trust that your body will bring forward what you need to dissolve at this moment.
Go with what comes up.
It might seem insignificant, but trust in your body’s wisdom.

Hold your hands like this for at least 3 minutes,
or as long as it takes for you to feel relief.

With some memories or worries, you might need to repeat this process several times, for it to fully let go.

You might feel more memories come up, that you need to work on.
If you feel like, you can do it now, or come back at it at some other time when you are ready to continue.

That’s it.

You did great!
Be proud of yourself.

It might seem too simple, but it works!

This process also works great to dissolve fear, and when you feel overwhelmed.


My best wishes for you to feel better



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