How to Feel Your Own Energy Body

Everything is made up by energy.
Including your body. And mine.

Have you ever felt your own energy body?

Have you ever touched your own energy?

I’m pretty sure that you have, but you never thought of it.
Back then, you wasn’t aware that you were made up by energy.

How to do it

It’s super simple.

First, I want you to shake your hands for a few seconds,
like you want to shake of a spider web.
This is to clear up the energy in your arms.

Rub your palms against each other, use some strength.
Do this for 5-10 seconds.
You will feel your hands are getting warm.

Then, with your palms facing each other,
slowly pull them apart.

Can you feel there seem to be some kind of force between them?
Like a magnetic field?

This is your energy body!

Now, play around some, still with your palms facing each other.

See how far you can pull them apart, without losing the force.
Then push them closer again.
Can you feel a difference in the power between your hands?

Imagine that this energy is an energy ball.
Stretch it in different directions and shapes.
Move it up to your head, or down to your feet, if you want to.
Have fun with it.

That’s it!

Play around on someone else

If you want to, you can try to feel the energy of a friend or a family member.

Do as before,
shaking off your hands, and then rubbing them together.

Place your palms facing towards their body, just a few centimeters above their skin or clothing.
Move your palms upwards and downwards, and move them around.

Can you feel it?
Can your friend or family member feel it?

Logically, you are just moving your hands.
Nothing special.

Pretty fascinating!


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