Feeling of Urgency

A common feeling after entering the Spiritual Path,
is a feeling of urgency.

A feeling of too little time, and too much to learn.

A urge to read all the books you can come across,
enter workshops, or watch videos on YouTube.

Preferably, you wish you could place an order to the Universe,
and just download all the information you need.
Ready to go.

For most of us, that will only stay as a wishful dream.

We can’t understand more than what we are ready for.

Thankfully, there is more information available for us now, than ever before.

Internet is here to connect us.
We got YouTube and social media.
Seminars and webinars.
Books are written by a larger and larger amount of people that want to share their messages and knowledge.

This is Our Time.

It’s no longer only for a few “chosen ones”.

This feeling of urgency,
is a calling from our Soul for us to wake up.

Remembering who we are.

And why we are here.


We no longer hold the luxury of living with what Life throws at us.

Times have Changed.

The Universe has Changed.

Expanding into a New Level.

Like the pupa inside his cocoon.
It’s his Destiny to transform into a beautiful Butterfly.

We are here to Shine Our Light.

To Love.

Show Compassion for each other.

Come together.

To Heal.

We are here to Rise Our Vibration.

We are here to help our Planet.

It is time to let go of the fear.
Illusion of what we have been told.

It is time to follow our Hearts.

To follow what makes us truly happy.

Together we can change the world.

But it all starts inside each one of us.




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