Keep a Monthly Focus List

This year I have kept my New Year Resolution!
As I wrote in my post A Different View on New Year’s Resolutions,
I felt it was time to do something new.

In the beginning of each month,
I write a small list of what I want to focus on for the month ahead.

Sometimes I know what I want to focus on.
Other times, I sit down and ask my Soul what I need now,
and write down what pops into my head.

Personally, I like to write it down in my notebook.

I give it a whole page, even though it might be just a few lines.
In a way, I feel I honor my intentions and thoughts by giving them space.

The trick is to keep it simple.

When I put too much on my list,
it’s easy to slip out.

My Monthly Focus List is to add Value in my Life,
not give me stress.


By keeping a Monthly Focus List,
it’s easier to actually get to do some of what we tend to think about,
but doesn’t happen because of all the other things that we must do in our daily life.

Some things on your list might appear for every month.
Like dedication to meditate more often,
or to do the Daily Energy Routine I posted in my previous post
(Strengthen Your Health in 5-7 Minutes Daily).

What you put on your list is totally up to you.

Have fun with it!



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