Bye bye shaving gel

Like most people, I used to use shaving gel when I was to shave my legs.

I wasn’t too happy about it though,
because it made my skin itch, and become dry.

Not just that, that stuff is a bit expensive!
For something I didn’t even like.

What to do…

At some time, I even googled how I could make my own shaving gel.

There was some tips out there, including coconut oil and essential oils.

Just that, my skin was sensitive, and I didn’t feel like putting essential oils on it.
Plus, where I was living, I couldn’t easily get my hands on coconut oil.

From my google search, I also learned that many people have reported that after some time with coconut oil, their skin can’t take it anymore.
It’s not for everyone.

So, I forgot all about it.

I stayed with my shaving gel…

that was until about 4 months ago.

I stumbled upon a blog post on how to she used to shave her legs.

The girl used only home made body scrub and shower soap!

Could it be that easy?

I gave it a try, with my usual shower gel.


I could shave right after applying my shower gel,
and the result was amazing!

Not only did it work,
my skin felt softer,
even after the first time!

My legs used to be dry, all the time,
and now they’re soft and smooth.
I barely use body lotion anymore!

As a bonus,
I save money, and chemicals on my skin.

My shower soap and gel are equally gentle to my razor blades,
if not more gentle, than my shaving gel was.

I just shower normally,
and then put on some shaving gel or soap again, and shave.
Then I rinse my legs with water, and dry them up.

That’s it!

I hope that you will love this tip as much as I do!


Have a wonderful day!


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