My Sacred Time

Hi everyone!

Every day, I honor my Soul and Body, by doing something good for myself.

One part of my Daily Care, is my foot bath.

I sit in my favorite arm chair, relaxing,
with my feet in a bowl with warm water and sea salt.

Letting the water and salt cleanse my aura and body.
Letting go of energies that I no longer need to carry with me.

I can feel how the salt water is working inside my body.
Streams of energy moving, and blocked energy stirring lose.

Often, parts of my feet get cold, even though the water is warm.
This is a good thing, as I am clearing up, and rebalance my body.

When I feel like, I will combine this Sacred Time with a meditation.

Or, I read in a book that inspires me, and make me feel good.
With a cup of good tea.

If I have pain or soreness in my body,
I will massage them gently, while I’m relaxing with my foot bath.
The massage stimulates the stagnant energy to be freed,
and the salt water will help draw it out of my body.

This is My Time For Me.


I fill a bowl with enough warm water to cover my ankles, and add 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt.

The salt might take a few minutes to dissolve, depending on if you are using fine grated, or rough like me.

There is no need to buy expensive salt.
I use cheap sea salt ideal for cooking, and preserving food.

Normally, I’m sitting for about 30 minutes in my foot bath.
You will sense how long is right for you.
Simply, when you feel like lifting up your feet, you are done.

After you finish your foot bath,
it’s nice to gently massage your feet for a few minutes.
Pay attention to any sore spots, as these need some extra love and care.

If you feel that by using this foot bath, you get emotional, or symptoms flaring up in your body, know that this is normal.
It’s your body responding to the bath, and clearing up.

This is just as safe as swimming, or spending time by the sea.

Listen to your body, and do it as frequently as you feel that is right for you.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Have a wonderful day!


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