YouTube Tip: Guided Healing Light Meditation

Hello everyone!
How are you?

I want to share with you a guided healing meditation, that I have used many times myself.

I came across it years ago, while browsing on YouTube.

The first time I listened to it, it spoke to me.
I felt it in my Soul and Spirit.
It felt so right.

This healing meditation was a keeper!

It’s perfect if you are new to meditation, or just want to relax and let your mind be guided.

It takes only 15 minutes,
and all you have to do is to find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed.

Sit or lie down, and and relax.

Put on your headphones, open the link, and push Play.


You find it here:
Healing Light Energy, Full Body Scan Guided Meditation

Give yourself a few minutes afterwards before you get up,
to let the meditation and healing settle in your body.

For sure my Soul is requesting this meditation at times.
Suddenly I hear it start playing it in my head.
I take the hint 😉

I hope you will enjoy it too! 🙂


Have a wonderful day!



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