When you feel like you are standing still…

Hello everyone!

How are you?


I recently heard someone say that when you feel you’re standing still on the outside, a lot is going on on the inside.

This last month has been like this for me.

Needing a lot of rest, and taking it easy.

In some way, it has been a weird month.

Things felt like they were standing still.

At the same time, I know there has been a lot of work on the Spiritual Level.

I would wake up, feeling like I had been to the gym, while I was sleeping.

Sensations of energy moving in my body.
Like a river flowing up and down my legs, spine, arms, head.

I felt like I “wasn’t able to wake up” throughout the day.

Pain and soreness in my body.
It helped to rub these areas, or massage them gently, to make the energy move.

In short, I felt exhausted.
For no obvious reason.

Thankfully, I have learned to listen to my Soul, and give it what it needs.

A lot of rest.
Taking it easy.
And give myself the time I needed to go through this.

Magically, the Universe helped clearing up my everyday life, so I could get the peace I needed.
Thank you Universe!

What if you can’t take the time off?

I know that not everyone has the opportunity to slow down in their life.

But if you feel that you are going through a time like I did, I strongly recommend to give yourself some more space.

Let your Soul know that you listen.

You can take some of the time you spend browsing the internet,
and spend it in the bathtub, or taking a foot bath.

Get someone to massage you.
Or do it yourself.

Relax in nature.

It doesn’t have to be hours every day.
30 minutes is more than nothing.
Even 5 minutes, is more than none.

You are so much worth it!
I promise you.

If you ignore your Soul’s messages, and keep going on high speed,
eventually you might create an illness, so you have no choice but take your time to rest.

Just think of all those times you kept pushing hard days, and when you finally got vacation leave, you ended in bed with the flu.
Or something else happened, forcing you to sit still.

It will pass

I know it can feel hard while it’s going on,
but the more you honor your Soul by giving it what it needs,
the easier it will become.
And probably pass by in less time.

Take good care of yourself.

This Journey we are on, is for our Lifetime.

Make it the best it can be.

Honor yourself and your Soul ♥


Bless you



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