What is Your Identity?

When we meet new people for the first time, we ask them:
“Who are you?”

What would you answer, if you were asked this question?

The first answer most people give, is:
What’s their name
Where they work, and what they do there
If they are studying, and what subjects

When we connect further, we get to learn about:
Their relationship status
If they are a parent or grand parent
Where they live
Where they grew up
What they studied in school
What age they have
Their hobbies or interests
Their political view on subjects that comes up

All these things are what we use to Identify ourselves,
Who we are.

Most likely, we never think much about Who we are.

Throughout our life, we have heard those answers, more or less, to this question.
We took it on as a fact, this is our identification.

What then, when life changes, and you can no longer relate to those aspects?

When we Lose Our Identity

A close friend of mine got sick, and became unable to work.

For the first year, he had sickness leave from his work place.
It was easy, he had his job, and knew what to answer.
Just unable to work at the moment due to health problems.
He was very optimistic, and couldn’t wait to get back to his job, which he loved.

Time passed, and his sickness leave ended.
And he found himself unable to work, not even a few hours.
He had tried that.

Another year passed, and there has been not much of a change.
He was invited to a party, with some of his friends.
As we do on parties, we mingle, and get to know people we didn’t know from before.
People asked him: “What do you do?”
He didn’t want to reveal that he was unable to work because of his health.
So, he answered with his name, and his education title.

Next year came.
My friend was still very focused on getting back to work, he loved his education very much.
But he started to realize that it could take a little bit of time.
Being asked “Who are you” became a bit of a challenge.
Would he ever be able to get back to work, and use his education?
So, he started to answer with what else he loved.
Like photographing, reading, and listening to music.
The fact was, he tried all he could to get healthy again.
Eventually, they would ask him what he does for a living.
Out of other options, he would say that he’s on his most important work ever, getting his health back.
And then they would ask what had happened to him.
He didn’t want to answer that.
His illness wasn’t Who he IS.

Neither his work title.
Or his education.


Losing your Identity can feel traumatic.

When, what you have thought of yourself, your whole life, is gone.

You have to get to know yourself.

For most people this happens through illness, or death of someone close to them.
Or you get to lose your job.
Or getting divorced.
The same goes for when we wake up one day, and realize that we are Strangers in our Own Life.

You don’t have to go through those events, in order to change what you think of yourself.

Who Are You?

It’s time to rebuild ourselves.

It’s time to stop letting the outside world determine us.

It’s time to remember who we Truly are.


You are a Divine Being, in a Human Body.

You are an Amazing Spirit and Soul.


Think of all the things that makes You Special.

What qualities do you have?

Being Present
Lightening up those around you

Take some time and think about it.

What do you feel?

When we shift to think of who we are from an Inside Perspective,
we feel better with ourselves.
We are not depending on an outside world to give us identification.

In the beginning, it can be a little frightening.
This is completely normal.

Be gentle with yourself.

Now, you can choose to change aspects of yourself, if you want to.
Become a more loving person, or patient with your children.
Become less stressed, or angry.
You can strengthen specific qualities in you,
and change the ones you don’t like so much.

You are Free to Choose Who You Want To Be.


My best wishes for you.



5 thoughts on “What is Your Identity?

    1. Thank you so much for your Wonderful comment, and Divine Blessings!
      You are an Amazing Soul too, and I’m so grateful for connecting with you.
      May you and Plutonia always be bathing in Divine Blessings, Universal Love, and Light!
      In Love and Light, Elen

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