A Different View on New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Eve!
2016 is behind us, with all of its good memories, lessons, and wisdom learned.
2017 is just hours away, a blank new chapter in our lives, waiting for us to color the pages.

Some years ago, I used to make New Year’s Resolutions, a new promise to myself in the New Year.
I got of good, filled with fresh inspiration and motivation.
Then life happened, and things did not go as I had planned.
I realized that Life is bigger than my Mind’s perspective.
What I thought was what I wanted, wasn’t what my Soul needed, or had in mind for me to experience.

So, I let my Soul have its space, and give me what was up for me to learn, both good and less good.
In our Soul’s perspective, everything is good for us, even what seems otherwise from our Physical point of view.
It have been a memorable journey, which I wouldn’t be without.
As a Spirit, I have grown a lot in these years, and I found the Love of my Life – my Amazing Husband!

This time, for 2017, I have decided on a different view.
Instead of going the traditional way, I will do one month at a time.
In the start of each month, I will write a list of what I want to learn, or experience.
I’ll let it be from both Physical and Soul’s Perspective.
For example, for January, I will start with learning more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also go inwards and communicate with my body on the inside.

It’s easy to get caught up in either the physical or spiritual plane, and at times it is needed.
We need both parts to keep balanced.

By planning one month at the time, I won’t lock myself down into a planned schedule, but stay open for even better opportunities to come, and what I will need at the time.
This way I won’t feel I’m failing, or take too much on my shoulders, when I need something else instead.

One important message I have learned, is:
“Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

We are our own biggest judges, and have harder to credit ourselves when we do good.
Be proud of yourself, however it goes.
Love yourself, you are Amazing, just as you are.

I am ready to keep with me all what 2016 have given me, and open for all 2017 will give me.

Let’s have a Wonderful New Year Everybody!



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