You are not your problems

Most of us have something in our lives that worries us.
Either big or small issue, it seems impossible to clear it away completely.
No matter what you do, the thoughts comes sneaking in every now and then, saying hello, letting you know they are still there.

Now that December is here, and Christmas is coming close, so many are feeling the pressure of everything that is to be done for the Holidays and New Year’s celebration.
Wherever you turn, you get reminded of all you should do – buy nice clothes, buy gifts, longer working hours, bake cookies, get all the food you need, and the list goes on.
As it is a time for joy and happiness, it’s also a time of stress.
And surpressed feelings surfaces.
Lack of money, and not feeling you are good enough, that can’t give what you feel is expected from you.
Not to forget all those who feel extra much on their loneliness in this days.

When a problem get your attention, it’s easy for more of the same to come in and join the party.
What starts with reminders of buying gifts, can easily slip into thoughts of not having enough money, then thinking of that you really need a new laptop and how to afford it, who to buy gifts for, who are really your friends anyway, everybody else seem so happy, and you feel more alone than ever.

You are not your problems.

Look at the strangers around you.
What do you see?
Most likely you notice those who seems happy, smiling, having friends, spending their money….
What you feel you are missing in your life.
How can you know that their life is perfect?
You don’t.
You can only see this moment.
Their life might be falling apart, but you can’t see it.
Their problems are not who they are.
The same goes for you.

Focus on this moment, right here and now.
On what you are doing.
Life is so much more than worries.
When we get hung up on a problem, it’s like we get blind shades on, and our vision narrows down to what is wrong our lives.
Gently remind yourself of this moment, and you will break the cycle, one step at a time.

When we are able to see the bigger picture, what we felt was a big problem, might not be that big in perspective, as we let ourself see and feel.
Then, your worries lose some of their power on you.
And you open up for a solution to come, because you have a bigger perspective, and can see beyond the blinding shades.

Problems that shows up in our lives, are lessons for us to learn.
Ask yourself, what can I learn from this experience?
The answer might not come right away.
Maybe do you need to give it time, a night of sleep, or meditate on it.
When we focus too hard on finding answers, we are blocking them from coming clearly to us.
Distract yourself, and it will come to you when you least expect it.
It might also come through other people, telling you something, or you read an article or a book, and when you read a word or some lines, it just hits you, you know the answer.

Once you have learned the lesson on Soul Level, it might not come up again, unless it is a part of a bigger picture you can not see yet.
But, you can clear up one lesson at a time, and for each one you will get better in total.
Like one piece in a puzzle find it’s correct place in the picture.
Thank the problem for showing up, so you got a chance to clear up in your Life Lessons.
For each lesson you learn, you will shine a bit brighter, and feel a bit better.

One thing I have learned is;
Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You are a wonderful Soul,
And nothing can take that away from You.


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