Unclutter your Home

There is a saying that goes “When you own more than 7 items, the items own you”.

To be honest, we use maybe all of them just to get dressed in the morning.
But there is truth in those words.

The more stuff we own, the more space it takes up.
All of those things, lying around in drawers, or boxes in a storage room, do hold a part of your energy connected to them.
If it is stuff that make your life easier and better, it’s good.
Many of us, specially in the Western World, do have way more things than what we need, or benefit us.

It is a fact, we won’t understand how much stuff we have, before we are packing it all down for moving into a new home.
Even then, we put up what we want in our new home, the rest goes back into boxes and put away, to again be forgotten.
So what, we think, it might come handy one day.

I do understand that it isn’t that many years ago, since our parents or grandparents didn’t own much, and had to look after what they had.
This belief that we have to keep most of our stuff, and it’s hard to replace it, is still imprinted in us.
And it’s still valid for many of us.
But, this creates an energy of neediness, that there won’t be enough.
This imprint of lack, can block our energy flow in health, money, good luck, basically all areas of our life.

Many years ago, I started going through my stuff, to see what I actually wanted, and needed to keep.
The rest of it, I tried to give away to someone who needed it, sell it, give it to charity, or if it was broken, throw it away.

I would ask myself:
Is this something I have used the past year? Yes or No.
Is it something I will get to use in the coming 2 years? Yes or No.
Is this making my life easier and bringing me joy? Yes or No.
If I could answer Yes, I would keep it.
If the answer was No, it went in the pile of giving away or selling.

After doing this, I felt freed up on the inside of me.
Like having more energy, and being happier.
More Free in my Soul.

The same applies on to when you are cleaning your home.
You get rid of the dust and dirtiness, and your home looks and smell fresh again.

When we clear up our life and belongings, we open up for something new and better to come in.
When our home is clean, we are saying to the Universe that we respect what we have.
We all love respect, right?

If you are not sure about keeping or giving away some of your stuff, you can put it in a separate box, and storage it for a year. Then you can open it again, and see what you feel about it then. This way you are not regretting getting rid of something, but at the same time, not letting it clog your energy.

There is no right or wrong, in whether you like to have the same furniture and belongings for a lifetime, or you like change.
Do what feels right for you.

Personally, I have become more conscious on what I bring into my life.
I get what feels right for me, brings me joy, makes my life easier.
And, things I will actually use and treasure.
It doesn’t have to be brand new, either way it will be new for me.

Try it out for one room at a time, and see how you feel about it.


Have a wonderful day!



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