Protecting Your Aura

Being a sensitive person can be experienced as a gift, and a curse.

On the bright side, it can enrich our lives beyond what we can observe with our 5 senses.
On the less bright side, it can some times drain our energy, whatever we do.
That is, if you don’t know how to protect your energy.

It might be hard to know if your energy is getting drained, because we have adjusted to the idea of feeling tired, feeling sick, worried, etc.

Whether you are picking up on other people’s emotions and energies, or you are receiving negative thoughts from others (thoughts are energies), it’s important to protect your energy.

You are not helping yourself or anybody else, by taking on other’s low vibrations.
Those people will still be the same, and you will be lowered too, likely not being able to help them feeling better.

When you stay strong in your energy body, you can see the situation more clearly, and give better advice on how to solve the problem in your friend’s life.
You will also be able to make them feel better, as high vibrational energy nullifies lower frequencies.

How do you know that your Energy is being drained/affected?

If you are a very sensitive person towards energies around you, and in other people’s emotional state, it’s easy to get into some kind of specific reaction, to help you feel better, (grounded / back in your body).
Most likely, this reaction is happening so often, that you are not even thinking about it anymore.

Say you are at work, and a coworker or a customer leaves you feeling unbalanced, without being able to put words onto how.
So you grab something to eat, or a cigarette, to make you feel some better.
Or you long to get home and make something extra good for dinner, which will make you feel more relaxed after eating.
Maybe you get a sudden crave for chocolate or ice cream, or a pastry.
You might not just being addicted to sugar or nicotine, as you have been thinking…
The reason you are reaching out for food or sweets, is that by eating, you ground yourself.
The fat is comforting, as breast milk is for a new born baby.
Deep down you remember this connection, it’s that simple.

Other ways you can notice you are getting affected by other people’s energies:
* You feel tired after meeting someone, or talking on the phone
* Tired/exhausted/sleepy for no reason
* Suddenly feeling unhappy or sad
* Becoming negative
* Worries that are unusual to you
* Headache that won’t go away with painkillers
* Sudden pains in different parts of your body
* Becoming angry for no apparent reason
* Becoming angry at the person you spoke with, or someone, for no reason
* Starting a fight over nothing
* Negative thoughts about somebody else
* Sudden worries about problems in somebody else’s life
* Feeling anxious
* Feeling sick

An easy way to see if what you are feeling is coming from you, or somebody else, is to take a shower.
If you feel better while you are under the running water, then you have been picking up on other peoples energies.
Of course, if you are actually having a fever, the chances are that you are sick, and the symptoms are coming from there.
I’m only talking about symptoms that are coming from Energies, not real illness.

The Human Energy Field

Every living being has an energy field around them, know as Aura.
The Aura is a reflection of how we feel, our thoughts, strong worries or joyfulness, our spiritual state, and our health.

Our energy field stretches normally 1.2-1.5 meters away from our physical body, and can diminish and extend depending our emotional state and health.
A healthy and happy person have a larger Aura, while someone who is sick or depressed, or dealing with addictions, will have a diminished and weakened Aura.
Health issues will show up in your Aura, before it becomes an illness in your body.

When we are interacting with other people, we are also interacting with their energy field.
This is how you might know that something is wrong, before those people even speak to you.

When we think about somebody, our thoughts are sent into their energy field.
If they are not protecting themselves, or they are sick, they are more easily affected by your thoughts.
This is useful if we are praying for somebody, sending them healing, and are wishing them good.
If we are thinking negatively about someone, our thoughts will affect and lower their energy Aura, making them more easily worried, sad, depressed, anxious, sick, etc.
The stronger the emotional level we are having while we are thinking about someone, the stronger the impact on them will be.

How to protect your Energy

Around your Aura, there is an Energy Shield, that keeps your Aura in balance.

The strength of this energy shield depends on your mood, life power, and your sense of security.
Regular physical exercise helps, as it makes the oxygen flow in your body stronger, and your energy is moving.
Just do something you like, as it also uplifts you and makes you healthier.

If you are working as a nurse, with children or the elderly, you will be more sensitive to other’s energies, while a police man will have developed a stronger energy shield because of his/her job.

The effect of protection and clearing of your energy field, depends on the strength of your intention, belief of it to work, and your vibrational state.
By practicing it regularly, it will become easier to see/feel immediate effect or results.

Here is some simple, and easy, ways to protect your energy field:

◊ When you wake up in the morning, breathe deeply several times.
If you have time, I recommend a short meditation, which balance you before you interact with the world around you.

◊ Grounding your energy several times a day.
You can stamp your feet on the ground, taking deep breaths, or spending time in nature.
Or, visualize that your energy goes up and out your head. Connect to the Universal Light above you. Take this with you down into your body, and let it go through your body, down to your feet. Here let it go out of the soles of your feet, and down into the Earth, like the roots on a tree. Connect to the Center of the Earth, and bring this energy back up your roots, into your feet, and up your body until the top of your head.
You have now grounded and balanced yourself in the Universe and the Earth.

◊ Surround yourself with the Blue Flame of The Great Protector.
This flame creates a shield around you, and only allows positive energies to come in to your Aura.
Either visualize the flame around your energy field, or say “I surround myself with the Blue Flame of The Great Protector, right now”.
This is recommended to do before you go to sleep, and when you wake up.
Or whenever you feel you need protection.

◊ Ask the Creator of All That Is to surround you with Divine White Light.

◊ Visualize that you are surrounded by an Energy Egg, with thick walls that acknowledge all kind of energy, and only allow uplifting and loving energy to enter in to you.
Or say: “I am surrounded by an Energy Egg that only allows light and positive energies to enter.”
Inside the Egg, you can also visualize that it is filled with Divine Energy, Healing Light, Universal Love, and all that is good for you.

◊  If you are a person who finds it hard to say No to others, it will benefit you greatly to start doing it, when something is not right for you.
Learn to say No.
This strengthens your energy in yourself, and you respect yourself more.
You do not need to explain yourself, as it weakens your energy, in the sense that you have to prove something to others.
Remember that others might be a bit upset in the beginning, as they are not used to you saying No.
But, eventually they will respect you more, because you respect yourself.

◊ You can also use crystals or essential oils.
Crystals need to be cleansed and re-energized regularly.
I recommend to talk with a specialist on crystals, where they are selling them, to find the one best fitting you.
The same goes for essential oils, as there is a wide variety in purity, and usage areas.

◊ Regularly clear and balance your Chakras.
(I will come back with a separate post on this subject.)

How to clear your Energy if you are already affected

If you notice that you are already being affected by other’s energies, you can try some of the following:

◊ Breathing deeply several times, brings you back into your body.
Feel how the air fills up your lungs, and makes your stomach expand.
If you are used to breathe deeply while meditating, this can have a great impact on you, centering back into your self in seconds.

◊ The Violet Flame of The Great Protector.
Visualize a violet flame around you, or burning through your body, from head to heels.
Or say “I burn The Violet Flame around and through me to clear away all kinds of low vibrational energy.”
This will clear away low vibrational energy in any form.

◊ Say: “I clear away all energy I have picked up from others, and is not of my own.”
Say it with some power in your words, and strong intention.
It works.

◊ Sea Salt baths or foot baths.
Sea salt has a cleansing effect on our energy field.
Just think of how refreshing it is on your thoughts walking by the sea, or go swimming.
Make a nice bath with pure sea salt in the water, or a bowl with warm water and some sea salt in it.
Sit or lie for as long as you feel like.
Flush out the water after use.
If you prefer, you can mix some sea salt with your shower soap, and get a body scrub at the same time!

◊ Call on The Great Protector or the Creator of All That Is, and ask them to cut all energy cords from and to you, and clear the energy cords as they return.
And ask them to seal your energy field.


I hope you found this post interesting, and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My best wishes for you to stay centered in your own energy.


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