Everything is Energy – Prologue

Everything that exists, is Energy.
Even Matter, which is the lowest form of energy.

Our physical bodies are made up by trillions of living cells, which together create what you see in the mirror, known as You.

Around our bodies, we have an energy field, called Aura.
This Aura comprises of several layers of energy, and normally goes about 1.2-1.5 meters away from our body, in all directions.
It can expand and diminish according to our thoughts, feelings, health and vibration level.
This can explain why we might feel uncomfortable getting physically close to an other person we meet.
Our Aura can be vibrating at a different level, and therefore be mismatching, which we pick up as feeling uncomfortable.
It also explains the feeling we call “Personal Zone”.

Modern quantum physics show us that energy and matter are interchangeable, and they are interacting constantly with each other.

At first, the thought that everything is some sort of vibrating energy, can seem a bit out there.
Just have an open mind, and think about it for a while…

For example, the ocean tides caused by gravity, being affected by the Moon and the Sun.

Or, how water can change form from ice, to running water, to steam or snow?

Also, planet Earth have it’s own energy field, and your energy field (Aura) interacts with it.
You might have experienced how you feel better at certain places, while other are not fitting you, but not been able to understand why.

Have you ever thought about someone, and next thing you know, they are calling you for the first time in months?

Have you met someone, or they called you, and you could know something was up before they spoke to you?

In all of the above circumstances, including many similar ones, there is a “hidden” factor taking place, and this is Energy.
It is because of Energy interactions, that a lot of things happening to us, we can not comprehend or explain.
Looking through a broader view, knowing the Powers of Energies, will eventually lead us to a wider Perspective.

When we get to understand how everything works, we can step up and learn to use it for making our lives better.
Pieces will start falling into place, as you uncover new Knowledge and unravel new not-so-mysteries, about how things work.

This is the start of an amazing journey in your life here on planet Earth.


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