Live Every Moment

We tend to live our lives in the future or the past, planning what to do, how to fix that problem, regrets of what we did wrong.
Always accessible on our smart phones, always in instant reach.
No need to say more, you already know what I’m talking about.
It’s how we are trained.

Think about it…

How present are you in your relationships with those around you?
Are you sincerely in the moment with your friend, spouse, family members?
How often are you having a date with your spouse, or hanging out with your friends, without any of you reaching for your phones once?
Can you recall the feelings in your body, of your last kiss, or hug?


This moment,
Is All we Have.


We never know what happens next.

How do you want to remember your life, or someone important to you,
if they are no longer there?
Or you suddenly have to move, and can not see them often anymore…

We tend not to see how our lives can change, from one moment to the other.
You can walk to the kiosk on the corner, and never come back.
You can do everything right, and end up with 3 months to live.
Or, you have all your lifetime, just as it is.

In the end,
What matters more to you?

What fills up your Soul?


We can balance this.
Reaching for what we want, and being in the moment.
We need both.
To grow our souls, be moving.
Dreaming new dreams, and allow them to become.
Treasuring the moments, as it’s All there Is.


Try it out, and see how it enriches your life:

♦ Making the dinner time with your family sacred, putting away the phones.
Or the time you are hanging out with your friends.
Truly listen to what they are saying.

♦ Being on the beach, and synchronize your body to the frequencies of the waves of the sea.

♦ Or stop and look at the birds gliding in the sky, effortlessly and majestic.

♦ Smell the flowers, and let your body absorb the aroma.

♦ Getting a massage, feeling the touches of the hands on your back. How your skin is vibrating from pleasure.

♦ Feel the water running down your body the next time you shower.
Feeling how your body responds to the water, soaps, shampoo.


When we start treasuring the moments, we are saving the memories in our body cells.
We will be able to remember them fully.
Not just what someone said, but also where you were, the weather, hour of the day, smells, sounds, how it made you feel….
Like taping into a memory, and you are transported there instantly.
Pretty amazing!

Our bodies are benefiting too.
We will feel better, more alive, our mood improves, our health gets stronger.

You might get clearer insight into something troubling you, or find a better way to do your job.
When we let go of the Working Mind, we open up for our Soul’s Wisdom to enter.

Live your Life – Every Single Day


Have a wonderful weekend!


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