Creating Better Days

Hello everybody,

Today I want to share with you a tip, for making your days better.

When we wake up in the morning, our mind is in a relaxed state, coming straight from sleep.
The same goes for the minutes, before we fall asleep in the night.
This is a great time for spending a few minutes to lay out how we want our New day to become.

Or, you can use it, any time you feel you are needing an extra boost.

This method can improve all areas of your life, and create some Changes.
Try it out for a few days, and see for your self!

You can even do it for someone else.
Effectiveness depends on how good a receiver one might be, and how focused we are while doing this.

The Procedure:

♦ Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

♦ Imagine you are an energy body, stretching your energy up above your head, for about 1  meter. Here you are connecting to a cloud of Universal Energy.

♦ Bring this energy down and in through the top of your head, and let it go all the way down your body, and out through the soles of your feet.

♦ Here, imagine that your energy body is having roots like a tree, and let your energy go down these roots, until it reaches the center of the earth.

♦ Connect to this Energy Mainframe, and take this energy back up through your roots, up your body, to the top of your head.

♦ You have just grounded and balanced your self in the Universe and the Earth.

♦ Now, imagine a Ball of Light in your heart.
See how it opens up, like a rose blossoming.
Let the light in, filling:
all of your heart
your chest
your energy body
the room you are in
the building you are in
the area you are living in
your country
your continent
the planet earth
beyond the moon
beyond the galaxies
and connect to the White Light of All that Is.

♦ See yourself, and everything around you, as a pure white light.
There is no separation, you are one.

♦ Visualize a bubble in this white light.
Everything you put inside this bubble, will materialize in your day.
It might take some time to show up, just keep exercising it daily, and it will come.
If you are doing it for someone else, clarify that it is intended for them.

♦ Put into this bubble, all you want for your day.
Invite your angels and guides into this bubble, to guide you and help you in your day.
And for you to be open to receive their guidance.
Continue with adding ease and flow, feeling great, good communication, be filled with love, being connected with the universe through the day.

♦ If you are having something special coming up in your life, you can also put it into your bubble, and it will be working out as you want it to be.

♦ Add in qualities you want to strengthen about yourself.

♦ When you feel ready, bless your bubble with pure love and light, and place it in your heart.

♦ Let the bubble shine out from your heart, and surround you.

♦ Now, get ready to open your eyes. Move your fingers and toes…
Open your eyes and drink some water, stretch, or stamp your feet on the floor a few times…
This is grounding your energy in your physical body.

♦ Think of something you are grateful for.

♦ You have now finished the last step of this creative meditation.

Have a wonderful day!


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