Your Treasure Box

We all have a treasure box full of gifts, that we share with those around us.
And the world.
Even if we are not aware of it.

Many of us have been raised with the thinking that we shouldn’t stand out.
Not be better than the others.
Be like everybody else, and fit in.

You know what?
I like you way more when you are You!
Shining your light, and sharing your wonderful talents!

What do you love doing?
What does others compliment you for?
What do you want to do, but never dared to?
It can be anything…

Writing, playing music, sports, being a good listener, a handy worker, a natural leader…
And the list continues…

Honor your uniqueness, and shine your light on your Gifts.
You will inspire others to embrace theirs too.
Just have fun!

Have a wonderful day!


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