Surrender to a Higher Power

Hello everyone!
How was your weekend?

Mine gave me a wonderful reminder.
Maybe the full moon played it’s part…

I had headache most of the time.

Sunday morning I woke up and could barely see in front of me.
I did everything.
Praying, relaxing, meditating, reading a funny novel, pain killers…
Nothing seemed to help much. Just a little bit, then it was back on.
I got so tired.
After many years of immense pain all over my body, my tolerance limit have lowered big time.

So, I gave up.
I lied down on my bed and said:
“Universe, I surrender. Show me how to release this pain. Thank you.”
Next, I had my meditation app on, to give me a bell gong after 15 minutes.
I closed my eyes, and let go of everything.
I let all thoughts just pass through, imagining me lying underneath a starry sky.

I could feel how the energy in my body started moving. Like a light tingling in all of my cells… A bit of fresh air flowing from my feet, up and out my head.

After my meditation app made the bell gong, I continued to lie on the bed.
I used the app for my mind to stay calm, and not start thinking about the time.
I would know when 15 minutes had passed. Not too long, but enough.

After a while, my headache had relieved some. I was the best I had been since Saturday morning.
After an hour I felt clearer, and much better.

It is so simple. Still it can be so hard.
Surrendering to a higher power.
To say “I give up to fix this from my mind’s stand point. Universe, I give this to you.”

I use Universe, as in a higher power.
You can use God / The Oneness / The Creator of all that is / what you believe in.
They are all the same.
A higher power that created this world, universe, all that is. And continue to create.

This method of surrendering what is troubling you, can be done in all areas of your life.

It work best when we can feel how we had enough, and then release these feelings when we give up to control the outcome.
You can say it out loud, or in your mind.
Even write it down on a piece of paper.
You can write a letter to this higher power, and tell all of your thoughts and feelings about it. How you have tried everything. And now, you pass on this to the receiver of your letter.
You are not sending it to anyone.
You can keep it if you like, or you can burn it (in a safe way, of course).
Then let go, and do something else. Think about something else. And let the Universe do the job for you.
By doing this, we open up for the higher power to work for and through us, in the best way for us.

The secret is that we release our worries beyond the ego’s stand point.
Our ego works in lower vibrations, and is there for a reason. For us to learn.
Surrendering is one of the reasons why people get their biggest turn around after hitting rock bottom. They let go of controlling the situation, and open up for a higher power to take over.

I’m wishing you all a good new week!


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