What are you Grateful for today?

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share something we often forget.
It’s easy to do, takes like no time, and it can make a smaller or bigger difference in how our days flow.

What are you Grateful for today? 

Just a few words.

So often we get hooked up on what we’re doing, what to do next, what to remember, running here and there, checking social media, chatting.
It’s easy to be on the roll.
It’s a habit, actually.

What are you Grateful for today?

It can be something big that happened, like:
Booking your next vacation leave, which you have been dreaming of
A big success at work
Or buying a new expensive coat for the winter
Maybe, finally you got to clear that storage room
You reached your goal at the gym. Yay!

Or, it can be something small…
A smile from a stranger
Something good you had for dinner
A message from a friend which made you happy
A hot shower in the morning
Some quiet time for yourself
Even the smell of fresh, warm coffee

It’s up to you.
There are no rules.

Feel how this makes you feel.
You smile, right?
Feel a little lighter?

Now, go on with your day, just like normal.

Here are 5 things I’m grateful for today:

* Weekend with my amazing Husband!
* How many of you that have discovered my blog, are following me.
Thank you!
* The beyond awesome sound on my phone while playing my favorite music right now
* My green fingernails. I never thought this specific color would make me so happy!
* Being surrounded by so many wonderful people in my life

Have a wonderful weekend!



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