Be your own Best Friend

Hello beautiful souls!

How is your weekend?
Today, I cooked lunch for my Husband and our brother, and the food was delicious!
It was really nice to spend my Sunday with these amazing people.
Many compliments for the food, love, laughter, fun.
I Love hanging out with them!

We all love to spend our time with our other half and good friends!
But, there have been times in our lives, where many of us have felt alone.
Even when surrounded by others.
Different interests, different places in life, the reasons can be many.

Today, I want to remind you of the most precious relationship you have in your life.
Your relationship with You.
The amazing entity that lives inside Your body.   You.
You are awesome!

You know all of your biggest dreams, and all of your deepest fears.
You know all of your secrets and desires, that you are holding back from telling to others.
Who’s more qualified to be your best friend, than you?
The One you can share everything with.

I want you to start treating You, like you treat your best friends.

Make a good dinner and set the table nicely, just to honor your own company.
Compliment yourself for all the good stuff you have done or accomplished today.
Daydream about your secret dreams, and tell yourself that you can make it happen.
Tell yourself how good it will feel to live your dream. Feel it.
You can do it.
Everybody can.

Go to the cinema and enjoy a movie.
You can choose the movie you want to watch the most, not what is the coolest to see.
And you can laugh or cry as much as you want.
The other people there might not even know you, and probably won’t see you again.
Be you.

Book a trip, and go to that place you have longed to visit.
You can go wherever you want, and do whatever you want.
You can hang out on the beach all day, go sightseeing, go shopping (without anyone complaining about the choice of stores or the hours spent).
Or walk in the mountain, even sleep in a tent!
The choice is yours!

Buy yourself some nice flowers, you deserve it.
Bring a good book and spend some nice time in a cafe.
I do.

Go for a car ride.
Listen to whatever music makes your heart dance, and sing along.
Have fun!

Buy a nice gift and wrap it up.
It’s a gift to you, from you, for being You!

Make time in your schedule for being with yourself.
Just like you do, to be with others.
Honor yourself and treasure your time with your own company.

Eventually, you will realize that being alone, is not that bad after all !
Feel free to comment below, and share your thoughts.

I’m wishing you All, a wonderful day!




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