How to Release your fears and Heal your emotions

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you a priceless tool, on how to release fears and emotions you are ready to let go of.

A way of knowing what to work on, is to pay some attention to how you feel. When a fear or a negative emotion comes up, you will feel uncomfortable. It might be a feeling of sudden headache, pressure in your chest, clenching teeth, tightening in your stomach, getting snappy at the one you are talking with, dizziness, sudden rush of negative thoughts, problems with sleep, etc.

Those feelings have become a normality to us, and we have been trained to think that this is how true life is.
Take a pill, get a prescription from your doctor, get a drink, go shopping, eat a chocolate.
I am not a doctor, and I do by no means tell you that you should not see a doctor if you feel this is the right thing for you.
My point is that in our busy lifestyle, we have been trained to suppress our feelings.
Take a painkiller for your headache, and go on.

What happens when we suppress unhealed feelings, is that they lurk into our body and get stored there.
For example, we have been told that big boys and girls don’t cry. You are playing outside, then you fall and hurt yourself. The grown ups tell you to stop crying, it’s okay, you are a big girl/boy, and big girls/boys get up and go on.
We all want to belong somewhere and feel loved, so we do all we can for this.
The younger You gets up, swallow their tears, and go on. Next time you fall and hurt yourself, you remember not to cry, so you suppress those tears. By time, you won’t even notice that you do this anymore. Instead you might feel tightness in your chest when someone hurts your feelings. You might have become so good on suppressing how you feel, that you don’t even see the connection.


What you can do:

Next time you get a feeling of discomfort, you can take a mental note of it and go back to it when you have some quiet time for yourself.
It doesn’t need to be long, say between 10-30 minutes. The more practiced you get, the easier it becomes.
Remember the feeling you had earlier, and think inside your head, to yourself, that you want to call it back to be felt right now. It is safe for you to feel the feeling right now.
Let the feeling become stronger, and notice where it reflects in your body.
Can you sense a shape to it? A color? Is it warm or cold? Welcome the feeling to communicate back to you.
If you feel overwhelmed, breathe deeply in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, for as long as it take to get back to yourself. Get back with your feeling in your body.

Ask your self, when was the last time you felt this exact same feeling?
Trust what comes up, your body will give you the answer.
If you don’t get any answer right away, it is okay. You might need more time to get connected with your body.
Start to take a minute during your day, stop, and ask yourself: How do I feel right now? What do I feel, and where in my body is it located? Is it warm, or is it cold? Does it feel good, or does it feel tense? If you have time, you can explore this feeling and see if it reveals anything to you.

Then ask your body: When was the first time I experienced this same feeling in my life?
Again, trust what comes up.
You might get an image of a happening, or viewing it like looking at a video clip.
You might see it from the child’s perspective, or as the adult version of you.
Whichever you get, is perfectly fine.
Then see your adult self, or an angel or an adult you had a very good connection with, come up to the younger You. Ask the younger You how he/she is feeling, and what has happened? Let the answer come forward, and do not judge.
It might seem irrelevant, but it is important for the younger You to be heard and understood.

Ask the younger You what he/she needs to feel better, or say that it was not his/her fault, and say that they are good enough just as they are, and that they should always remember this.
Do what feels right for you.
You can give the younger You a warm hug and go do something fun together. You can take their hand and show the younger You, that life will turn out good. You can also invite the younger You with you into your house, where you are living right now, and let the child be surrounded with love, respect, understanding, and all it needs.

If you want, you can also ask your emotion how it have expressed itself through your life. And what is causing you to feel this right now.

It might take several times to heal the imprint of your emotion, so be kind with yourself.
It might come up in different emotions. Or, it was enough with just this one time.
Be proud of yourself. You did great!

Next time you are experiencing the same emotion or fear, you will feel better or fully healed.
You will feel more uplifted, happy, lighter.
If this had to do with someone in your life, then even your relationship with them should have changed to the better.

I have used this tool myself many times, with great success. I have also managed to release a lot of pain from my body, using this method.
Good luck!

Bless You.


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