What Fills you Up?

One of the nicest gifts we can give ourselves and those around us, is to make us feel good. When we are happy, we have more to give to our loved ones.
When you smile, you can change the whole day for someone you meet on the street.
When you feel good, you will lift up others.
This can be by holding the door for someone when you are entering a building, give a nice compliment, or offering to pay for the morning coffee for the person in front of you at the coffee house.

In a busy day, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.
Remember that when you feel better, your day flows more, and things feel more smooth and easier.
It doesn’t need to take much time or money.
Getting up a little bit earlier and having 10 minutes to enjoy your morning coffee can make your day better. Or just thinking of things you are grateful for in your life.

Write down a list of 10 things that make you happy, and add more to your list when you come up with something new.
Put it on your phone, calendar, on your wall, or inside your closet.
No one else needs to know about your list.
This is a gift for you, treasure it.
You might get inspired to start a new hobby, or get more out in the nature. You might pick up the phone and invite friends over for fresh baked bread in the evening.
Fill up your soul with what makes you feel good by getting inspired right now!

Here are some of the things on my list:
* Being around my amazing Husband
* A good hug from a loved one
* Reading a good book
* Hang out with good friends
* Sitting by the sea
* Walking in the nature
* Listening to music that lifts me up
* Road trips, and visiting nice places
* Give gifts or a home made card just because I feel like
* A smile from a stranger on the street, and smiling back
* Helping a stranger in the super market
* A cup of hot chocolate
* Meditation
* Make others feel good
* Watching the sunset or sunrise

I’m wishing you a wonderful day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “What Fills you Up?

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for this inspiring post!
    It is true that, we tend to neglect our happiness in a daily basis.
    Good to have a reminder! 😉


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